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Red, White or blue?

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This is a prelude to my story about an experience with my friend Annie in ‘A brief encounter’.


Annie told me later about the first time she had enjoyed Katie’s borrowed panties.

She was having a sleepover at Katie’s parents’ house. They had gone to bed talking about boys. Katie showed Annie her new knicks when they got undressed that night. Her mother had taken her shopping and allowed her to choose her own panties for the first time. With boys in mind Katie had chosen a 3 pack of bikini style (this was the ‘80s)  with ‘Tweetie Pie’ embroidered on them. Katie was wearing the red ones of course.

That left pastel blue and white. 

‘Oh I love those!’ Annie was excited.

‘Here you can have these I’ve got 3 and I haven’t even got a boyfriend yet!’ Flinging the blue pair at her friend.

Annie, still a bit shy about getting undressed in front of anyone (they were teenagers at the time), went off to the bathroom to put them on like sleepwear. (I wonder if that’s where she got her bathroom fetish from?) She told me that wearing them make her wet straight away, much more than she had ever been before. These were the first pair that had not been cotton functional knickers and she loved the feel of the nylon as it slipped over her bottom and hugged her ’tweetie pie’.

She allowed her friend a peek at her new underwear flashing her cute bottom before snuggling under the covers next to her. Annie confessed to me that she was turned on by the shy exhibitionism but was too embarrassed to do anything obvious about it. So they pretended to go to sleep, both wearing the same panties, after further gossip of what they would do with boys when they got hold of them. 

Annie was just dozing off when she sensed her friend moving rhythmically but quietly next to her. Could she be masturbating?

Annie wasn’t sure, she had only ever secretly rubbed herself down there and had never had an orgasm, but she sure felt like doing it now. Katie didn’t seem to have any such inhibitions. Maybe her tight silky panties were having the same effect on her as they were on Annie. She turned to look at her friend who seemed lost in her own pleasure. Annie coughed nervously. 

“Are you ok”? she whispered.

Katie opened her eyes and smiled at her.

“Don’t you do it when you go to sleep? She giggled.

With that Katie flung back the duvet and revealed her hand thrust down the front of her identical red knickers.

Annie was shocked but fucking turned on by the sight.

“Go on I dare you”

“I’m not sure what you want me to do” Annie stammered nervously.

“Want me to show you?”

Annie watched fascinated as her friend got to work under her new panties. ‘Tweetie Pie’ stretched over Katie’s knuckles as her fingers rubbed vigorously.

“Come on, I’ll show you how”

Katie took her friend’s inexperienced hand and cupped it over her moving panties. Annie could feel the urgency of Katie’s fingers under the slippery cheap nylon.

Fuck she was turned on now. She wanted to copy her friend. Katie however anticipated and did it for her, free hand down over her mate’s identical knickers (the ones she was looking forward to trying on next but she was a generous selfless friend, in some respects at least..)

Annie was amazed at how her friends fingers found exactly the right spot immediately.

“Oh you’ve made my knickers wet already!” Katie teased.

“Never mind, there’s still one more pair, but we’ll have to share them” she giggled.

Annie would have done anything her friend had asked she was so turned on. (Must try this home alone she mused..)

Katie’s more practised fingers bought Annie pretty close to her first orgasm. But not quite. Unlike Kate who especially since Annie’s inexperienced fumbling, really just resting her hand on top of her friend’s, had provided just the extra pressure and degree of naughtiness Katie required to impress with her own easy ecstasy.

“Wow that was quick!” Annie marvelled. 

“Phew, better now” Katie quipped. “Ready for bed” she rolled over and went straight to sleep, leaving Annie wondering what a real orgasm was like and how she might achieve it. Whatever, it would involve the new knickers she had been given..

Next morning after more girly chat Annie went to get dressed in the bathroom. Taking off the pale blue knickers her friend had given her she didn’t quite know what to do with them, still wet with her juices as they were.

She put them in the laundry basket. When she came out wrapped in a towel. Katie was standing there naked except for the new white pair she had just put on.

“Oh! I’m sorry, i promised you this pair” Katie whipped them off. “Don’t worry they’re not wet yet!”

Annie wouldn’t have cared if they were..



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