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Sharing Angela's Pleasure (2)

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There is a link to the story about how Angela and Christine began their sexual relationship.


Angela, at home alone, masturbates everyday to relieve tension and for the sheer joy! She fantasizes about the times spent with Christine and what they might do together. Although she can satisfy herself physically she still feels the need to share her sexual energy, no strings attached, with another woman, to feel her warm soft body, and to be totally uninhibited in mutual masturbation.

When Christine arrived Angela was already horny as hell. As soon as they showered together they were kissing passionately and sliding arms between each other's legs as they embraced. Later, intimately close to each other on the bed, both first masturbated themselves for several minutes then masturbated each other at the same time. They kept on alternating lots of times, each time just stopping short of climax. They were quivering and gasping until with one accord they rubbed themselves fast and hard to shattering convulsing orgasms.

The muscles in their bellies and glistening thighs were jerking and shaking to the exquisite pulsation in their clits. Being multi orgasmic they then attended to each other's needs time and time again in different positions-facing, one behind the other, head to toe, on hands and knees, this way and that. They used mainly fingers but also used dildoes and other erotic ways to make each other cum long and hard with indescribable pleasure.

After a break when they watched videos on a website of young women in their twenties and thirties pleasuring themselves to orgasm either alone or two together. Angela asked Christine to help her out with a fantasy she had based on something that happened when she was a teenager. In Angela's words:

'During school holidays, when I was eighteen, my parents went abroad on holiday leaving me with my Auntie Jane who was my mother's older sister. She was a unmarried but good fun and we got on really well. I could talk to her about anything including sex. She had a good figure with fairly broad hips, and strong shapely legs.

'I masturbated quietly most nights and sometimes wondered whether my aunt relieved herself. I found out one night when I got up in the night to go to the bathroom. Her door was half open and as I passed I could hear some noise. As I returned I paused to look in and was amazed to see Auntie Jane moving her bottom sort of up and down slowly then thrusting her hips faster backwards and forwards. She half turned towards me but I was in shadow and crept away quietly, very aroused by what I had seen.

'This happened quite a lot and I began to stay in my aunt's bedroom doorway oblivious as to whether she knew I was watching. In the dim light I imagined she was smiling at me but we said nothing. I began to stay until she came with a violent orgasm, shaking and shuddering quite noisily. All this made me touch my clit as I watched and as soon as I got back in bed I started to lie on my tummy and hump my hands instead of lying on my back as I usually did.

'Then something amazing and unexpected happened-our roles were reversed and I became aware that Aunt Jane was coming to watch me. I could only just make her out as my door was only slightly ajar. At first I hesitated and was undecided, but knowing her as I did, I carried on and had the most powerful orgasms I had so far experienced. I liked the fact that she watched me and didn't mind.

'During the second time I stayed we were bolder and stood more or less in full view in each other's doorway but still nothing was said as if we didn't want to spoil anything. We were soon standing much closer to watch and even voiced our approval and we became more vocal while masturbating as we lost our initial inhibitions. There was no mention of what we did at night during the day though glances were exchanged as bedtime approached.

'I was staying again with Auntie Jane in the summer after leaving school. This is when my anticipated excitement took on a new and totally unexpected level. For the first time my aunt talked about what we did before we went to bed. She told me she was going to pretend to be a different sort of aunt, one that was strict and old-fashioned. She asked me to tell her straight away if I was not happy about it.

'That night I went to bed first and played with myself in lots of ways that I had by now learned and when I was very aroused I turned on my tummy for the routine I had come to desire since first first staying with my aunt. I used both hands, one on top of the other, down between my legs. My fingers were held firmly in different places from my clit to between my buttocks as my hips and bottom thrust or swayed rhythmically as slow or as fast as I wanted. So this is what I was doing when Aunt Jane strode in, switching on the light.

'I was humping under a sheet with pants round my knees. She was acting very stern. She pulled off the sheet and kept saying things like 'You naughty girl!' and 'What are you doing?' and 'Why are you touching yourself down there? Stop at once!'

'Of course I played my part and cried 'Sorry Auntie but I can't stop myself'. I kept moving and speeded up. She said I would be punished if I didn't stop at once. I was aching to cum and then she began to smack my bare bottom, all the time still telling me that I was a very naughty and disgraceful girl. I was gasping, even screaming, as I rode my fingers into the most exquisite orgasm, each delicious spasm intensified beyond my wildest dreams.'

Angela said she often relived this fantasy as she masturbated but one thing was missing. She said that Christine was now the same age as Aunt Jane had been when Angela was staying with her and.......well........what they did next will have to wait till next time!



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