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Watching Sister in the Pool

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Our parents let me and my sister share one room too long, until I was 13 and she 14. They thought we were purely innocent, but this was nothing but true. For example they never let us swimm naked in our pool, so in contrary we built this habit very early, anytime we were home alone we jumped naked in the water and were playing lot of games based on examining each other and so.

She hit puberty sooner than me and started to be a bit shy about her breasts and pubes, but we knew each others body so perfectly, that soon after we simply followed previous practises and were walking around the house naked with no shame. We faced changes of ours together, I remember how her breasts developed, she remembers how my penis grew.

I must say, my sister is a very sexual person. The time she started to masturbate we still shared the room. She did it during the nights but didn´t mind I was not always sleeping, so I started to get intensive erections because I not only heard her, but sometimes when it was warm I could also see her uncovered body during orgasm. It was incredible and it made me masturbate even before puberty. One night I could not stand it anymore, so I took my pants off and started to stroke my dick while she was at her best point. I remember how she looked at me while orgasming, my penis was pretty big even without any pubes and I could get dry orgasm. They lasted only about several months, then I started to grow. We masturbated practically every night, she by herself in her bed, me in mine, sometimes she teased me talking about some girls from our school she saw naked after gym, then she was very aroused when I could not control my orgasm imagining all those tits. Sometimes I told her about some boys I was meeting, I described her the circle jerk once happened during the school trip when four of us shared a tent and we did it one whole night several times in a row watching each other. Occasionally I had wet dreams, so when my parents found the spots on my bed they rebuilt the guest room and I was with my night fantasies alone. We masturbated together several times during the say, but when she started to date her first boyfriend, we found this difficult to explain, so it stopped.

Except some accidental occasions, like from time to time she caught me jerking off watching the film in our livingroom, we only kept the habit of swimming naked in the pool.

Now she is at the university, so comes home not too often. Several months ago I had my friend visiting me and we decided to swim in our courtyard. He had no bathsuit, so we get naked, left all the wear inside the house and were just swimming in the water. To my complete surprise my sister appeared in the door, completely naked trying to surprise me! She didn´t notice my friend there and joined me in the pool. After the moment of shock we started to laugh. The problem was we both started to get erections, so we turned away. She understood but did not move, it was funny but at the same time embarrassing for my friend. Our dicks stayed big so after a while we decided we would have to go out. I asked my sister not to watch us and we stepped on the ladder up, I am sure she looked at us. As I knew her this was a big turn on for her.

My friend wanted to wear some of his clothes on but I told him to go directly upstairs to my room which has the balcony. From the balcony we could see the whole pool down. We went there very quietly and of course I was right, she was masturbating. We didn´t see her face and body much but it was so obvious what she was doing. I asked my friend if he would want to jerk off and added that I would like to. So we watched her and were jerking off. We were done very quickly, she had two orgasms so obviously liked the situation too. Later that evening I told her what we did and she went to see the evidence on the balcony.

Even my friend was a bit surprised, but since then he keeps asking me when my sister will arrive again.



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