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The Girl across the Hall #1

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The Girl Across the Hall, I'll call her Keena, showed me this site soon after this experience. She hasn't posted anything, but she loves to read the stories here and masturbate. We thought it'd be fun to post our adventure here. This is part one.


My mother's best friend from high school took us in after my dad had a heart attack and died last year. Her daughter, Keena, has a room right across the hall from where I sleep. These rooms are the only two rooms upstairs, other than the bathroom. Keena and I were friends as we grew up but didn't see each other much because we lived a state away from each other. Now, we were able to get closer, becoming more friendly.

Straight from the beginning, I noticed an attraction between the two of us. She's only a year younger than I am and getting hotter than hell: curly blonde, lithe, blue eyes, she's just beautiful and very adorable.

On our first night living in the same house, she asked me to come into her room. She wanted to talk and get to know each other, so, both in our pjs, we gathered all of our blankets and pillows and decided to crash out on the floor together. We talked and laughed half the night away before finally falling alseep. We did this for about a week, being completely innocent toward one another.

I have to admit, it became harder to not see her as sexy. I loved to watch the curls of her hair caress her pale neck, her stretch, pushing out her hand-sized tits as her mouth became a giant 'O' and how her ass looked when she was turning around to get the blankets and pillows situated. Every night I had to hide my boner under a pillow and I began to dream of having sex with her.

Once that week was up, however, our chaste, innocent talking became heavy flirting. We began to wrestle and tickle each other. I love how she laughs and giggles when I have her writhing below me after I've pinned her down in a way that she can't escape my anxious fingers. More than a few times she rubbed up against my hard-on and I noticed she seemed to be doing this on purpose. Then, suddenly, we were serious and gazing, shy and horny.

'You've always got a boner? Does it ever go down?' she teased. 'Not when I'm around you,' I said. 'Can I see it?' she said, 'Only if I can see your pussy,' I said.

'Okay.' She pushed me back and pushed her pjs and panties down to let me see her lips. There was very little hair and her pussy seemed to have a beautiful, rosey pout. Then she pulled them back up and told me it was my turn. I pulled my pjs down, showing my cock. Keena smiled and said that it was bigger than she thought they were.

I kissed her and we began to rub against each other as we kissed. Our breathing quickened and she told me that she wanted to make herself cum. I told her the same, but I said that I was afraid to because I'd get semen all over the place. 'So cum on my stomach,' she said. 'I can wash it off.'

She pulled down her pj bottoms again and laid back. I watched her fingers run up and down her slit, pull them apart and begin to diddle at her bud. I pulled out my cock and jerked, but I was just so entertained by what she was doing that I could only watch her. Then she writhed like when I tickled her, except she moaned a little and the writhing wasn't as jerky. Then her fingers began to rub faster, her fingers getting wet and she groaned and jerked a few times. My mouth must have been wide open because she was laughing at me.

'Aren't you going to cum?' I started jerking, but she reached out and cupped my balls. 'Can I try?' she asked. I nodded and her fingers slipped around my cock. She began to rub both my meat and my balls and it didn't take long before I couldn't stand it any longer. I told her that I was going to cum. She laid back quickly and pulled back her shirt to show me her peach fuzz tummy. It was so flat and soft looking that my gyrating hand sped my cock to climax.

'Yeah, blow it! Squirt it on me!' she whispered heavily. My ball milk darted from my cock-slit as my bouncing, tingling balls restricted. The first shot stunned both of us because my milk landed on her cheek, neck and her collar bone (and later, we found out, in her hair). As she giggled in surprise, the last few shots, each one more depleted than the last, landed on her stomach, some of it running and pooling in her belly button. I was squeezing the last drops from my shaft. The heavy fluid first pooled at the tip of my cock head and then began to form into a stringy drip that slowly began to hang lower and lower.

We decided to have more fun, so I'll keep you posted about what happens next. Now I've got to go jerk off before my balls start hurting.



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