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She wanted to masturbate herself

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I had never been with a woman who masturbated in front of me, but when I met Jen that was all about to change....


For many years - until I was well into my 40's - I had never had a frank conversation with a woman about masturbation. Sites such as Solo Touch did not exist at that time, and neither my wife nor any of my girlfriends had ever masturbated in front of me. So my education about what women do when they masturbate was sadly lacking.

That was until I met Jennifer - or Jen as I came to know her. We met on a summer school where I was teaching and she was a 'mature' student. She was a gorgeous, petite red-head, with a ready smile and very large tits. I was trying to be a good tutor and so I had not made any advances towards any of the students, including the lovely Jen. But I had noticed her at the very first lecture. She was in her mid thirties, but was wearing denim jeans and a denim top which made her look younger. Her marvelous head of ginger/auburn hair, not mention her very curvy figure, made her stand out - in my eyes - from all the other students. I had seen her smiling at me and thought that maybe she was attracted to me, so it was hardly surprising that I had harbored a secret desire to have outrageous sex with her.

It was another student who told to me, on the last evening of the summer school, when we were all having a drink in the bar, that Jen fancied me. She spoke as if it should have been as obvious to me as it had been to everyone else. 'Jen really fancies you. You know you could be in there if you want to.'

Once Jen and I began chatting we felt a close bond and, to cut a long story short, we retired to my room together. When we showered together I was able to admire her large silky white breasts and her pale areolas and small pink nipples, while she held my hard cock in her hand. As we washed each other, I slipped my hand between her legs while she soaped my dick. My mind was already working overtime about the great fuck that lay ahead, but once we had dried ourselves, Jen said that she had some almond oil in her bag and would I mind if I gave her massage? Trying not to show my disappointment I said I would be delighted (which was at least partly true).

She lay a towel on the bed and lay face down. I began by circling my hands over her back, noticing some freckles, then slowly moving down to her cute snow-white arse. The two convex curves of her buttocks formed two perfect hemispheres, firm, taut and joyful. My hands caressed her flesh, my mind marveled at her beauty and my dick throbbed with desire. After a trip down her legs, to her ankles, feet and toes, I began the return trip with high hopes. By massaging the inside of her thighs I eased her legs open. My hands met with no resistance. As I moved higher she spread her legs wider, so that I could see the red hair around the cleft of her cunt which was glistening with the moisture that was oozing from her.

As my hands moved to touch the precious center of her sexual being, she rolled over and with a smile she opened her legs and said 'You haven't done my front yet.' Dutifully I circled her stomach which was not quite flat, but had a lovely curve to it. Then I moved to her breasts and only now did I realize just how huge they were. My hands couldn't encompass them. Instead I was forced to stroke them with both hands moving with a circular motion around the mound of each breast in turn.

My hands moved down to her pubic mound with its ginger hair and a finger slipped into the cleft where her clit, as I imagined, would be ready to respond to my touch, she said, 'Do you mind if I masturbate myself? But carry on massaging my breasts, that was lovely.'

'Of course not,' I stammered, while thinking to myself that my aching balls and my rigid cock were desperate for attention.

'Only I live alone, and I guess I'm used to my way own way of masturbating. Do you mind?'

'Well, can I follow your example, then?'

'Sure' she said, 'show me how you do it.'

So I knelt beside her, and with one hand still circling her magnificent breasts, I began to stroke my cock. She watched while she stimulated herself in a curious way. Her right hand was clenched into a fist with only the middle finger projecting which moved rapidly up and down over her clit. Her legs were spread wide so I could see the pink inner lips in the middle of her red-haired bush, neatly trimmed but happy to declare itself as a cunt with pubic hair.

After some minutes during which she made soft mewing noises, especially when I sucked on her nipples, she brought her legs together and held her thigh muscles tense. Her single finger moved more and more rapidly over her clit as she held her legs straight and stiff with toes pointed down.

Just when I thought she was going to come, she raised herself onto all fours. Her breasts hung down heavily from her torso almost resting on the bed, while she reached underneath herself between her legs to masturbate faster and harder with her whole hand. I knelt behind her so that I could see the swift movements of her hand over her wet cunt.

I stroked her thigh close to her cunt so that I could feel her fingers working her clit. I felt the movements of her hand touching mine on every stroke of her cunt, I felt the vibrations of her body, the shivers and the building tension. I was sharing the excitement of her touch against her own body. She continued to wank herself hard till she reached a noisy orgasm and, simultaneously, my cock exploded with semen over her ass.

Though we had each masturbated ourselves we had somehow formed a connection through a mutual awareness of each other's sexual pleasure. I had not been excluded by Jen. I had been privileged to be included in an exhilarating act of sex that involved both of us. She was as turned-on as I was by the awareness that I was watching her closely and that I was touching her hand as it brought her to a climax.

We lay side by side feeling happy and relaxed. She smiled at me, a sort of guilty smirk. 'I hope you didn't mind me masturbating but it's the only way I can come, even when I'm with a man - which doesn't happen often. You were lovely, and the massage was great, but I still need to wank myself. It's what I'm used to.'

'To be frank' I replied, 'I found it very exciting. I've never been with a woman who has masturbated herself while I'm also wanking myself. Let's have a drink and then do it again.'

And so we did just that, having a beautiful night pleasuring ourselves and each other. She showed what she liked and how to move my finger over her clit which became hard under my touch. I noticed she became very wet as she climaxed for a second time - only I was doing the masturbating this time.

'Do you know, you're the first man to bring me to orgasm? Normally I have to do it myself, but you have a very gentle touch and I really liked that.'

It was with considerable regret that we parted at the end of the summer school the next day.

After this first meeting, we continued to write to each other, although we were at opposite ends of the country. I was fascinated by her frankness about how she met her sexual needs while living alone. So in my letters to her, I began asking some questions about her masturbation habits.

I will tell you all about these letters in my next post.



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