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Try At Least Once

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You always hear about the different ways to masturbate and all of the ways to make it feel 'real'. I'd always heard that using a melon is good so I thought to myself 'why not?'.

So I went and bought this melon down the shops, already getting excited at the prospect of doing this. The girl at the checkout was an absolute stunner, golden skin, full pouting lips and eyes to die for. I thought to myself 'I'll be thinking of you later'

I got home and it was starting to get dark, there is a girl who lives next door that is a year older than me and I can see straight into her room from my own. She sometimes changes without shutting the curtains and I've even seen her rubbing her pussy and humping her furniture a few times so I thought that I might get lucky.

I started to carve a hole into the melon and I went as deep as I could, I am luckily very well endowed 10inches so I couldn't make the hole deep enough to get all the way in without cutting the melon in half and scooping it out.

I went up to my room and stripped naked, I sat on my chair right infront of my window and started to think about that gorgeous checkout girl. The thought of those luscious lips all over my cock soon had me standing to attention. I started to slide my cock in and out in and out of the melon pieces and my God did the juices of that thing feel good on my cock. I slipped my cock in and out thinking about what it would be like to fuck that godess. After a while I realised that despite how good it felt this melon was not gonna last my whole session, and my neighbour didn't appear to be home so I thought bugger to it and put the melon down and shut my eyes as I steadily jerked mt meat as I thought about the checkout girl.

After about ten minutes I thought that I could use the melon juice as lube so I open my eyes and to my delight I found that my neighbour had turned up. Her jet black hair was drapped over her gorgeous breasts and her tanned body looked soooo hot, the best bit was that she was bending over to pick up her laundry and I was getting a lovely view of her pink pussy. She then turned round and she was looking straight at me as I jerked my cock. 'Uh-oh!' I thought to myself 'should've been more careful'. The girl notice that I'd seen her now as she got up and left the room. 'Nuts' I thought, well at least I'd seen enough to be able to give myself a good finish.

I'd just started up again when there was a knock at the door. 'Shit, she's been and called the police' I thought. I grabbed a bathrobe and went to open the door and low and behold there she was when I opened the door with not even a stich of clothing on. Her beautiful body was glowing in the moonlight and I got hard instantly and my cock sprung out from under my robe.

'You're glad to see me then. Haha. C'mon were gonna have some fun' She then grabbed my dick in my hand and we went back up to my room. She peeled off my robe and sat me on the chair she then sat on the corner of my bed spread-eagled and started to rub her moistening clit. Not needing anymore aof an invitation I grabbed my cock and started to pump my hand up and down.

She then noticed the melon on the floor and she said 'OMG! a bit of a pervert are we? I know just what to do with this' She picked it up and sat it on the bed where she had been before. She then squatted over it so that her pussy was just above the melon hole. 'Fuck this melon as if it were me,' she ordered.

I got up, cock in hand and slid it deep into the melon and started to fuck it for all I was worth. 'You like my sweet melon pussy baby?' she asked as she started to finger herself and tease her nipples. This was too much for me I felt my balls tighten and I unleashed a massive load of hot cum into the melon with a lot of grunting. This tipped her over the edge too and she started to writhe and moan as she came in a shuddering orgasm.

I sat back on my chair with my now softening cock as she slided off of the fruit. It was then that she picked the melon up opened it and licked out every last drop of my cum. She sat on one half of the melon and started to hump it, this vision of the two sweet juices was too much for me, I started to rub at her clit and I started to softly finger her as she rode the fruit, first one finger then two and three. The melon lay forgotten as he layed on my bed pulling at her red swollen nipples and my hands made short work of giving her a second orgasm.

I left her panting on the bed and went to pick up the melon to throw it out. As I leant over I felt a hand grip my boner from between my legs and start to stroke at it. It was then that I felt a juice soaked finger slide slowly deep into my ass and that was just too much. My balls then shot another load all over the floor.

This was and absolutely fantastic experience and she's assured me that we will definately go further.

Her name is Chelsea by the way, and were off to go and wash this melon juice off of ourselves now. Who knows what might happen.




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