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Two for One

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My best ever masturbation experience.


The best time I ever had masturbating was when I went to live with my best friend. My dad passed away when I was 15 and my mother, when I was 16, went over seas to Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm / Desert Shield. My best friend's parents decided I could stay with them, which was great because it was either with them or with my stuck-up aunt.
It was summer and very warm, so I wore shorts and a t-shirt most of the time. Sometimes, I'd take an afternoon nap in my bedroom, the hottest time of the day, or go swimming in the lake nearby. On one particular occasion, however, I fell asleep in a chair in the living room. My best friend was fishing with an uncle and his parents were at work. It afforded me some time without adults, which I treasured very much.
Anyway, I awoke to my friend's sister shaking my shoulder. She was giggling along with her friend, saying, 'We can see your dick.' I sat up and looked and, as sure as hell, my dick was poking out of the leg of my shorts. It was increasing in size upon my excitement and dismay, so I quickly tried to put it away. The girls giggled about me getting a hard on and I told them to leave me the hell alone. The girls were only a year younger than I was, but I was put-off by their bubbliness. Then I tried to go back to sleep.
After not long, they shook me awake again and said, 'We decided that since we saw your dick, you can see us naked.' I was stunned and growing in my pants, so I was definitely going to take them up on this. Giggling uncontrollably, they stripped and let me see everything. I told them to turn around and bend over and they actually did it! I was so turned on that my cock was jutting straight up in my shorts and I let them see it.
'Let's see it again!' Sister's Friend said. I pulled off my shorts and shirt and they suddenly became more serious. I wondered what they were thinking, but concentrated on the vulva and ass cheeks of both of them as they moved closer.
'Let's have sex!' Sister said, but I shook my head. I didn't think that was a good idea. They took this as a game and pretended to attack me. We tickled each other, grinded against each other and 'accidentally' touched each other's privates. It didn't take me long to slide a finger into both girls at different times and let them jerk on my cock.
'Fuck me!' Sister's Friend said. But I still feared screwing them, so I told them that we could masturbate. They liked this idea, so we all got in a circle and watched each other play with ourselves. I never saw it before and I will probably never see it again, but my eyes were glued on two wet pussies. In fact, I barely jerked on myself as they went at it, until my best friend's sister came and her friend (whether she came or not, I'll never know) relaxed. They both coaxed me to cum and so I began to jerk harder.
When my cock ejaculated, the girls began to giggle again. Both touched me to feel the cum on their fingers, but I told them that we needed to get dressed. We never did this again, even though they asked me for more. I let my best friend's sister jerk me off once, but that's about it.
My best friend and I had a fight soon after my mother returned from across seas, so I never saw any of them again.



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