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Not in Control

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The discovery that not being in control has its merits!


The summer after I graduated high school was filled with sexual experimentation. I was dating a willing young lady and we made good use of the time allotted to us before leaving for college. I had now been masturbating for some time and had become very proficient at it. I edged, did the frenulum stroke and especially loved to add baby oil. The thing was, I was doing it to me, not ever having someone else do it to me. That was about to change.

One night, after we had been out, we both felt the need to, shall we say, "extend" the evening. There was no way to go to either home as neither provided the privacy we sought. There was, however, a new housing development in a secluded part of town. The road was deserted so we drove there. As I parked the car out of sight, my girlfriend already was kissing my neck and ears something she knew got me instantly hard. I started to reciprocate with some heavy french kissing which also got us both even more generated. There is something about a woman sucking my tongue into her mouth that gets me every time. I was harder than I could ever remember and it wasn't long before she was rubbing me through my pants. I like it slow sometimes so I slowly started unbuttoning her blouse, never stopping our heated exchange of tongues. I separated both sides of her blouse and ran my hand over her bra, pulling her nipples to harden them. I kissed her cleavage but never her breasts, I wanted to prolong this for both of us. Reaching behind her, I unclasped her bra and removed her blouse and bra. She in turn removed my shirt. My nipples are sensitive and she knew just where to go next. Still rubbing my now engorged penis she licked and nibbled at my nipples as I did the same to hers. The cool night air made her nipples very stiff and they were a delight to pinch, suck and gently bite. Both of our breating became heavy, but no words were exchanged, we seemed to be in each other's heads. Soon I felt my belt being unbuckled, and fly unzipped. Reaching into my briefs, she removed my extremely stiff cock  and began gently rubbing every inch and massaging my testicles as well. Slowly but steadily my pants were removed, and hers as well. I kept my attention on her breasts as that is my favorite area on all women. One hand slowly made its way down to her now wet vagina. I rubbed lightly around the clit, and slowly, steadily inserted one finger, then two. She started to writhe on my hand and began stroking my penis slowly rubbing the head at the top of each stroke. Two naked bodies in the night air experiencing total sexual intimacy. I was beside myself with intense physical pleasure and giving her the same as well. 

I didn't know how much longer I would last, and tried to slow her down a bit as she had begun to stroke more firmly and quickly. Usually it was now the time for me to take over as she watched. This time she whispered, "Let me do it." I had always been in control of my orgasms, and no one had ever gotten me off. I knew when and what to expect. We were so deeply involved that I leaned back, caressed her breasts and watched as my girl was now in control. She started stroking lightly using her finger nails, then a more steady rhythm which was incredible. I was used to getting the tell tale signals as to when I was going to cum. This experience was indescribable. She never increased her stroking speed, rubbing the head at the same time. I continued to play with her breasts and nipples in complete ecstacy. She then took my penis and began rubbing her nipples with it. I was in seventh heaven. The feeling and sight of her hard nipples on the tip of my stiff cock was sublime.

Soon a feeling began to build deep from within. It felt like it started at the base of my testicles. I never had this feeling before and realized this is what not being in control felt like. Her stroking continued until my legs stiffened, I pulled up from the car seat, and literally exploded with cum going everywhere, across her breasts, on the windows and the roof of the car. I don't know  how many times I shot but each one was as pleasurable as the next. All I could do was groan while she responded with, "wow!"  We sat for a while lightly kissing and stroking each other until I could speak intelligently. She was so pleased with how she could control my orgasm, and believe me so was I. This led to many more "out of control" encounters throughout that memorable summer. 



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