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Traveling With Dad - Part 6

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The funeral was the saddest, most boring thing I have ever experienced. Leave it to my relatives to put the 'red' in redneck...


Sitting there in the audience I was bored to death. Having just cum only a few minutes before had made me somewhat sleepy, and with the boo-hooing and all the other stuff that goes along with a funeral I was going crazy. I noticed Mary way in the back of the hall, feeding the baby again, but this time she was looking around and had her dress all arranged around her perfectly. I had no idea her boobs could be so big when they were full of milk.

Anyway the baby was quiet, so no one really noticed her except me.  A few of my relatives who I had not seen in quite some time were there, I noticed my Aunt Nellie, who had the biggest boobs of any woman I had ever seen, either live or in print. She had a flowery dress on, and I could tell she had no bra, as her nipples stuck out like coat hooks. For low hanging boobs, they looked pretty nice, and I wondered what they looked like now? I think she never wore a bra because she couldn't afford the custom-made stuff she needed.

She was talking with my Aunt Ethel, who was older but still pretty in the face. I watched as she reached into her purse and pulled out a flask of something, and they both took a big long drink of whatever they had smuggled into the hall. I was wishing I had a drink of something, except I was underage...

They weren't the only ones drinking, many of my relatives that were outside refused to come in and were openly drinking beer and other things, getting rather loud and obnoxious as people were trying to speak standing beside my grampa's casket. My dad had a few words to say, and was interrupted when a fight broke out near the entrance where everyone could hear and see it happening. Everyone stopped and turned as one of my uncles punched another one of my relatives squarely in the nose. Typical, I thought...

Apparently my grandfather has left some estranged relatives out of his will, and there was an ongoing feud about
it. Little did I know how deeply hurt some people were about it, but I was quickly learning who was who and who to avoid! This funeral couldn't be over with soon enough, I was looking forward to doing anything else but this while we were here. Maybe some tennis, or another buffet would be nice, where people were kind and friendly.At this point I would do just about anything to get out of this suit and tie...

When the fight broke up, people migrated back to the lodge, I got into some shorts and went down to the tennis
court. There was a pool hidden behind the green tennis fencing, you couldn't see into the area around the pool from the court or from the lodge, and once I entered the area, I knew why! There were a lot of older people all hanging by one end of the pool, there were lounge chairs with umbrellas and they were all naked! I quickly turned and walked away, as I was apparently over-dressed for the occasion.

I wandered into the attached pool house to get a tennis racket and some balls, and who was there - Bob peeking through a crack in the door on the other side of the room, stroking his cock long and slow. He turned to look at me around the corner as I walked into view, and I commented to him 'Is this all you are gonna do while we are here?' He said 'That's ALL there is to do here! Unless you are an old fart or like to play tennis...'

I explained that I liked to play tennis, and maybe we should try to hit a few balls while there was still some
daylight left. He agreed, and we both walked to the courts and volleyed a few balls back and forth. 'Is everyone
always naked around here?' I asked him, as we continued to volley back and forth. 'From what I can tell, this is a
kind of exclusive resort where you can do just about anything you want. I have seen some stuff this weekend I would never have expected to see EVER, and I just can't even wait until tonight!'

'What is going on tonite? Something special?' I asked... 'Ladies night!' Bob exclaimed. 'They get all boozed up and
run around crazy-like and all their husbands or boyfriends have to babysit in the lodge.' This started to sound
interesting, but I wasn't quite sure what to expect. We finished up on the tennis court, and went back to the
pool house. There was no one left at the pool so we took a quick dip and went to get ready for dinner.

My dad had been pretty scarce while at the lodge, I think he was busy with paperwork of sorts, I didn't quite
understand any of this, other than the fact my Grandpa was dead and we had all gathered to celebrate his life. My
Grandma had died long ago, before I was born, so all he had left was his children, who apparently insisted on
acting like children. I guess you are as young as you feel... Anyway, my dad showed up at the room with a fistful
of paperwork, and mumbled something about go ahead to dinner, he would be down in a little bit, as there was stuff he had to finish.

Dinner was again a buffet style all-you-can-eat sort of thing, I got to try a lot of country food I never had the
chance to try before. I sat with Bob, and as I was sitting down, Mary came by with her baby. She asked if I would
hold the baby while she got a plate and I agreed. I munched on some finger food while I waited, and the baby slept away in my arms. When she returned there was a lot of awkward silence as Bob devoured his dinner like a savage, and I was afraid to ask any questions of Mary while she quietly ate her dinner. There were a couple other relatives that had just left so it was the three of us left at the table, when Mary started asking questions.

I tried to be polite and it was difficult to speak with an almost total stranger who had given you a hand job earlier in the day. She asked if I was gonna be around later, and I answered that I had nowhere else to go. She smiled, and then I asked here where her boyfriend was. She explained that her boyfriend left when he found out she was pregnant. She lived at home with her mom (who was here) and her dad who stayed home to tend to the needs of the farm. We talked for what seemed like hours, and then I finally got the nerve to ask what 'Ladies' Night' was all
about. She explained that she didn't really know, except for the fact that all the women gathered in the sauna and
steam room after dinner. It sounded interesting. Mary said she would try to meet up with me later, but she needed to go and change the baby right now.

I wandered back upstairs and put on some sweat pants, my dad was still there and asked me to take the dirty clothes down to the laundry. He gave me a fist full of quarters for the machines, and he said don't come back until they were clean and dry. Just Great, I said to myself. There goes my evening. But then I thought about my dad and the paperwork he was still sorting out, and I realized then that I needed to take a bit more responsibility and help out where I could. I gathered up all the clothes I could find, I even took off my shirt and underwear so I could get everything done before we left in the morning.

I walked into the laundry room, and it was empty. I started up 3 machines, and went to look around a bit. Just as I turned to go out the door, there was Mary, with some sort of thin bathing suit on. She surprised the shit outta me. I jumped when she appeared. 'Hi! Wanna take a swim?' she asked. 'I dunno, I don't have any shorts or trunks' I replied, 'All I have are the sweat pants I am wearing.' 'That's OK, everyone swims nude here anyway...' she said. I could feel the stirring in my sweatpants as I thought about swimming naked with those gorgeous boobs in full view!. It was starting to show as a tent appeared, and I explained that I had to finish the laundry so we couldn't be too long.

We snuck out to the pool, which was dimly lit and empty. I slipped off my pants and slid into the water. It was
heated, and some steam was starting to rise off the surface. I swam over to the edge where Mary was and watched as she freed those golden globes from the skimpy swim suit she had on. She slipped the rest off past her furry bush, and I was instantly hard. She entered the water via the stairs, and each step she took I got harder. I couldn't believe how big my cock was getting! It started to throb with my heartbeat as the anticipation of getting naked with a girl in a heated pool continued to flood my mind with images of the previous encounter earlier in the day.

She walked over to me and the first thing she did was grab my cock and balls and pull me close enough to her to
smash her boobs against my chest and kiss me long and deep. All I could do was grab her ass and hold on for my
life! I couldn't believe what was happening to me! She backed up to arms length and started to slowly stroke me, as I engulfed one nipple in my mouth as I kneaded her boob. She moaned, and started to jerk faster. I switched to the other boob and was rewarded with a sweet warm spray of milk as she moaned again.

I had found her weakness, and before I could reach down and feel her pussy, I knew I was starting to cum. I mumbled something I can't remember and started to squirt under the surface of the water. I could see each spray of cum as it was ejected from my cock and she continued to milk it long after it had stopped spurting. I pulled away and she pinned me against the edge of the pool and kissed me again. 'You are not done yet, I have been wanting you in me since I first saw you...' and with that my cock started to grow again.

'Not here' I said, 'Let's go over to the bench.' We got out, dried off and continued over in a corner of the pool
area. This was not all that was going to happen that night, as I would soon see...



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