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Totally Unexpected Fun!

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It always happens when you least expect it!


I've been reading stories here for a year and I've never submitted anything, but I must send this one in. I had last Wednesday off so about 1:00PM I walked down to our community swimming pool. The only other person there was Kathy, not her real name of course. She is a married woman about my age give or take a year or two. I've known her for about three years while living here.

I took a lounge chair beside her and we talked as we layed in the sun and occasionally took a dip to cool off. Well, I'm not sure of the exact sequence of our conversation but somehow we began talking about sex and fetishes and kinky things.

She confided in me that there was one thing she wanted to see and her husband refused to do it for her. I asked her what that was. She said he refused to 'jack off' in front of her! I confided in her that I loved to fantasize and jack myself off, and that I had always wanted to be watched by a woman. This truly started a heart pounding conversation. I kind of joked and told her she could watch me anytime.

Her come back was 'it's 2:30 right now, and Bill doesn't get home until around 6.' My gosh, I started getting hard right then. I told her she was teasing me and it was giving me a hardon. She smiled and looked right at my crotch and said 'really?' I straightened my swim suit up around my long hard dick so she could clearly see it and said 'see?' She told me that if I wanted to go to her house she would love to watch me jack off as long, of course, as I didn't tell a soul. I obviously agreed.

I had to hold my towel in front of me as we walked the block to her house! When we got inside she acted like a 10-year-old about to open a birthday present. She had a huge smile on her face and she bent down and looked at the big shape inside my swim suit. Tentatively, she reached over and placed the palm of her hand against it and rubbed up and down the length. Damn that felt good. I was so excited and a bit raunchy with my words now. I'm saying, 'ummm, Baby ... yeah, feel my big hard dick. You want to see my dick, watch me squirt some cum?' I took hold of my waist band and pulled my suit down and stepped out of it. My hard dick was arching straight up towards the ceiling. I purposely leaned back against her counter and protruded my hips so my dick was prominently standing up in front of her. She told me I had a 'beautiful dick.'

'So you want to watch me jack off, huh? Ummmm. I love to stroke myself like this ...' and I proceeded to slowly jack off.

'That is sooooooo sexy!' she said.

As I was stroking myself I said 'Kathy, Honey ... you know I'm not going to say a word about this to anyone ... so I'd love it if you'd get naked and let me look at your body as I jack off.' She just smiled as she took her swimming suit off. She was standing about three of four feet away from me. She had delicious looking tits and nipples, and a very hairy but neatly trimmed pussy. I wanted to really see her pussy as I jacked off so I took a few steps to a kitchen chair and pulled it around. I asked her to sit in it and really spread her legs for me. Wow! She spread them way apart so I could see the beautiful folds of her pussy and her clit.

I was so excited I only lasted about three more minutes, although I was trying to go as slowly as I could to make it last. I told her I was cumming and I took several steps back and shot ropes of cum all over her kitchen floor in front of her.

After I was done she grabbed some paper towels and we cleaned up the splatters while still naked. Only then and after that did we come together. She gave me a wonderful long kiss and I felt and sucked her nipples and ran my fingers through her ample pussy hair and up inside her. I fingered her like crazy and rubbed her clit, and in so doing I got another hardon. I continued to finger her and rub her clit and this time she beat me off.

Truthfully, I don't think she came but she enjoyed it. I know I enjoyed it! I dressed and held her for another minute kissing her and I told her I would jack off for her ANYTIME she wanted me to. She smiled and said 'that would be nice.'

I can't wait to do that again!!



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