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My Friends Mum

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Several weeks ago, I was invited to my friend's house, to have tea and play on his game console, that visit was very uneventful, but I found out that my next visit to his house would not be so uneventful. My friends name is Jack, at his house we played several hours on his game console, taking turns in playing different levels. It was Jacks go, and I had asked if I could get a drink, he said yes just go down stairs and ask his mum.

I walked into the kitchen, but his mum was not there, so I had a walk around, and went into one of the side rooms, as I had heard a noise, as I walked in laying on the sofa was Jacks mum, she was fingering herself, she stopped and covered up as I walked in, she apologised, and I said there was no need to as we all masturbate. She agreed, from that viewing, we spent 10 minutes talking about masturbation and other topics. She asked whether I would like to masturbate with her, one day, I said to her, yes but not when Jack was at home. She agreed, the thing was she was single and could easily get rid of Jack, when she wanted. We swapped phone numbers, and as I walked out with my glass of water, she tapped my ass, and told me that she would see me later.

While I was upstairs with Jack, he told me that he was going on holiday in a few weeks to Spain, and that he was going with his uncle as his mum was unable to get time of work. I did not say anything, until after tea when Jack went to the toilet, and I mentioned to his mum about Jack going on holiday, she said that we could meet up on the Monday at around ten in the morning, as she does not work on Mondays, I agreed.

When I got home, I marked on my calendar what I was doing on the Monday; I put it down as a trip with friends, so my mum did not get suspicious of anything.

That Monday soon came, and I was excited, for the weeks before this day, I had received txts from her, with what she wanted to do to me. What she wanted sounded like heaven to any man.

I walked up the driveway to the house, and before I had chance to knock at the door she opened it, and there she stood at the door wearing nothing apart from a silk thin dressing gown, she invited me in, and directed me up stairs to her bedroom, I walked in and saw her king size bed. I started to take off my clothes and when I came to my boxers, she stopped me and squeezed my cock, which made it rock solid, she then ripped my boxers off and threw them across the room, she removed her dressing gown and underneath was a black laced bra and thong which both had a clip on them for easy off and on, I took her bra off followed by her thong. Once it was off she sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs open, I walked up between her legs, and leant forward onto her, as I did I directed my middle finger into her vagina, I then started to pump in and out, slowly at first until, she told me to move it faster, as I moved faster she started to moan, screaming for more and more, every time she moaned, I gave her what she wanted, which was more. Then she stopped me and pushed me onto my back, so that she was on top, and then with her hands rubbed my cock up and down, until I ejected out.

My semen went flying into the air, and came back down and landed on my stomach as it did, she leaned forward, so that both of our bodies were touching and started to rub herself into me, I kept on ejecting as she got even more sexual with me. I laid her on her back and started to suck and lick her tits, as I did, I sucked some of her milk which was sugary and lovely. We both then crawled into bed and carried on making out with each other, several times we humped each other; we did this for most of the day.

At around three pm, she suggested having a shower, which I agreed to, so we walked into the shower and she rubbed me down, then when she was done, I did the same making sure I got my fingers right in her vagina, I had not noticed until this point but her tits were so big that the water ran over and down them, they were spongy. After I showered I got dressed and left, but before I went we made a promise to do this every day for the week why Jack was away, and so far we have kept that promise, with doing something more fun every day. Its our third day together, and the pleasure just keeps on coming.



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