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She's Different (Part.1)

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This story is mostly fiction based on a non fictional character (me) and a fiction character.


A new employee was hired at my work place. All the other employees were waiting outside the boss's office just to meet the new employee. Some said it was a russian man named Dimitri. Most said she was some sort of hot girl.

The new employee walked out of the office affirming the majority's beliefs. She was a beatiful blonde with a sexy body and beautiful facial features. I determined that I needed to talk to her and maybe even go on a date. She looked like my dream girl but I made sure that I did not get some heavy crush.

'Hello, my name is Jerry! What's yours?' he asked. Jerry was the crazy employee that everyone feels uncomfortable talking to because of all the retard jokes they make about him.

'My name is Alice. Nice to meet you!' she replied. She had a really sweet voice that was very soothing to the ear. She went down the line that we formed and shook all of our hands. She had very soft hands and a very lady-like grip. Up close, she was even more beautiful. After she went down the line, she excused herself to her new cubicle.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of her the rest of the day. Luckily, she didn't see me staring right at her. Even more lucky, it was finally lunchbreak. I sat at my normal lunch table and waited to see who she would sit with for her first day. She walked to our table and sat down.

'Hey, my name is Colin,' I said. 'Do you live in the area?' I asked.

'I do now. I just moved here from Cincinnati. My friend showed me this deal on this really nice house here and I figured some change might be nice, so I moved here and found that this place was hiring,' she answered.

'You must have a really good resume; We normally don't hire anyone but exceptional people, not to brag of course,' I said.

'Oh don't worry. My resume is pretty good.' She went on to explain her past job experience and I seemed to be having a nice conversation. I figured I could get somewhere so I dared myself to ask this question.

'I hope you don't mind me asking but are you single?' Her face changed to a sad face so I figured I hit a soft spot.

'Well, I am now. You see, that was another reason I moved here. My boyfriend and I wanted to take things to the next level but left me after our first time,' she explained. I determined that she was a very outgoing girl and could talk about most anything.

'Why did he leave you?' I asked curiously.

'I think I know why but I would rather not talk about it, at least not right now. You want to talk about it later?' she asked.

'Um, sure, I guess. Where do you have in mind?'

'Can I come to your place? I'm still kinda unpacking so I don't have much room to hang out or things to do. Sorry!' she said smiling. I got really excited and told her that meeting at my place was fine. We finished that workday and I met her outside in the parking lot.

'Where do you live?' she asked. I told her my address and she had a puzzled look on her face.

'I'm sorry, I'm still new to the city and I have no idea where that is,' she said worriedly. I decided to go out on a limb.

'How about I drive you to my place and you can spend the night,' I said hoping it would work.

'Uh, I guess so. I won't have any clothes though,' she said.

'You can just wear some of my clothes. They shouldn't be too big,' I smiled. We hopped in my car leaving hers to spend the night at the parking lot. I still wanted to hear more of her story so I tried to bring it up.

'So why did he leave you again?' I pried.

'I still don't think now is the right time to tell you. Maybe after I know you a little better,' she answered. I had a good idea.

'I think we can get to know each other even better on a date,' I suggested.

'That would be nice,' she smiled. We stopped talking and then arrived at my house. I showed her in and we started talking again. This time, it was more about me. She also asked me what the date was and I told her a simple dinner and movie date. She really liked simple dates so this worked out perfectly. I set up a nice table setup with lots of decorations and a beautiful middlepiece. We ate and talked more about each other and we finished up.

'How about you go take a shower while I clean up. The bathroom is down the hall in my room which is on the right. You can wear any of my clothes from in my room.' She left the room and went to take her shower. I cleaned up the dishes and cleaned up the rest of the house until I felt I was finished. I looked at the dvd I wanted to watch with her and brought it to the couch with me. I watched some tv until she came back into the room. She was dressed in a large button up shirt and sweatpants.

'Hah, you look nice!' I laughed.

'Hey, they're your clothes, not mine!' she teased. 'You know what? I don't like your sarcasm! I think this can only be settled with a fight!' she yelled. At first I thought she was mad at me but I could tell she wasn't when she jumped on me and we started making out furiously. She grabbed my shirt and made out with me. It was kinda like the beginning to angry sex. She started sliding my shirt off and I let her do it. Then she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her beautiful breasts that just blew me away. They were absolutely amazing and perfectly shaped. She lowered her head to my pants' zipper and undid the it and the button. I slid my pants down while she leaned back up and sighed.

'Here it goes,' she said after she sighed. She pulled down her pants and then her panties to reveal a large hard penis poking out at me. My first thought was that this was a guy with some clever fake boobs.

'Oh my god! Are you a hermaphrodite?' I asked hoping the answer was yes. She nodded her head and I sighed a sigh of relief. I figured this might be a little kinky and fun so I followed through. She kicked the sweatpants to the side and finished sliding my boxers off.

'Just to let you know, I don't normally like having sex on the first date, but there is an alternative! We can masturbate each other!' I said happily. She was happy with the decision and she offered to let me start with her.

Part two to follow



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