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The Woods Are Lovely Dark and Deep

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I have to jerk off every day or I start to get hard and stay that way. When I started my new job, I lived only a few miles away and there was plenty of time in the morning. When my wife and I moved to another place further out, I started missing my morning sessions. This totally changed my interactions with Sarah, one of my co-workers. Sarah is a recently college grad and a former top lacrosse player and she and I would go running a couple of times per week on the trails behind our office in the mid-to-late afternoon. I thought she was cute in a sports girl sort of way, but never felt the tingle until I started missing my morning sessions. It's amazing how hard it is to concentrate when you need to cum. Within a few weeks of the move, going running with Sarah started to become torture. I would watch her legs flex and her breasts bounce and the high-cut flap of her shorts catch a wind and reveal her curvy, muscular ass, and I'd swell up visibly in my pants.

If you've never worn the nylon running shorts with internal underwear, you should try putting some on with an erection and then bouncing up and down. It would take a couple of miles before my cock would shrink back down, and I always had a huge wet spot of precum.

Sarah didn't seem to notice and I always managed to jerk my cock off in the company shower (the door locks) afterwards, but pretty soon, just the thought of jogging with her would make me stiff as a board.

A couple weeks ago, Sarah hurt her ankle and asked if we could just walk in the woods. She was wearing very short-cropped hiking shorts this time, not her usual runners, but I was still in my thin and revealing nylons.

We walked for a couple of miles into the woods and I swelled, but not all the way and managed to suppress the usual leaking and pulsing (without the bouncing, this was easier-the nylon is so, so, so nice...) Sarah was talking about how she missed her runner's high when she said, 'I noticed how yours affects you,' and smiled.

'What do you mean?' I asked, suddenly panic-stricken that she was calling me out on my semi-secret runner's chubs. Unfortunately, I had missed the last two mornings, and my cock didn't show any discretion whatsoever. Within seconds, I was bulging and my shorts showed it all.

'That's what I mean,' she said. 'You're so hot for an older guy. It's too bad you're married.'

'Thanks,' I stammered, trying not to look at her and willing my cock to shrink of its own accord.

'You could take care of that here,' she offered. 'Nobody would need to know.'

'I couldn't -'

'It would be a secret,' she offered. I don't think she meant to, but she licked her lips. THAT did it for me.

'Okay,' I said ...

I have never cheated on my wife, but this wasn't about romance so much as physiology. I needed to cum so bad, and Sarah was basically letting me-encouraging me, even.

'Can I watch?' she asked.

I think I just moaned out, 'Ohhhh, god, please...' and yanked my slippery, veiny, bulging cock out of my little shorts and started pumping slowly. I could feel the fall air on my balls and ass and Sarah just stared at my strokes.

'You're really thick,' she offered. 'I think that's so hot...'

Every time she said, 'so hot', I felt like I swelled up another half-inch. I was about to burst and she seemed to know it.

'Are you about to?' she asked. 'Cum?'

I grunted, so she prodded me on.

'Are you about to CUM?' She emphasized the word.

I tickled my balls a little while furiously stroking and suddenly arcs of cum started jetting out of my cock onto the leaves and dirt below. It was a huge load and I was proud of it, although I started to feel guilty almost immediately.

'Good boy!' Sarah said, licking her lips...

We have moved to nature walks from running and our friendship is getting much, much closer.



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