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Watching Angela and Christine (5)

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Details of one of our many evenings of threesome pleasure.


Angela sat naked with her legs apart, her gorgeous thighs swelling where they pressed on the edge of a seat. Her clit stem was stiff and pink and held between two straight fingers of one hand held flat and and sliding up and down. It was more than half the length of her little finger; its head came straining out from the hood and was darker and thicker than the stem. Her fingers were gently squeezing it and we could tell from her expression and the groans she was making the pleasure was indescribable

As she started to come her legs stiffened and stretched out straight. Her toes were spayed out and the muscles on top of her thighs stood out hard and tight. Both hands, one on top of the other, pressed and moved up and down within the lips of her vulva, fingers of one entering. She kept holding her breath for seconds before gasping loudly. Then she was screaming and her belly was shaking

Christine and I were sitting side by side on a couch facing Angela. The tips of Christine's forefinger and thumb were holding the head of my penis rolling the foreskin quickly three or four times, stopping and starting and not letting me come. After what seemed like hours she was rubbing with thumb and two fingers held straight five or six times stopping and starting as before. All the time we were both watching Angela's multiple and ecstatic orgasms. Next her thumb and forefinger circled my penis to jerk on and off the swollen and throbbing knob just a few times, stopping and starting. She knew from long experience how to keep me from coming too soon though we did have hand signals as well.

The living ring she made slid faster and for longer over my penis corona. By now Angela had raised her feet on to the seat with her gorgeous thighs apart and one finger pumping her anus. She was alternately rubbing and pressing with the other hand held flat between her outer labia as she repeatedly climaxed. Christine now with all her fingers rubbing and squeezing deliciously then milked me to a ten shot ejaculation.

She moved urgently to mount Angela's right thigh, one knee on the floor and the other on the couch, and with her buttock muscles in spasm brought herself in less than a minute to the noisy but wonderful release her loins had been craving. I then watched them as they lay with thighs interlocked, vulvas touching, hands and legs held and glowing bodies in synchronized motion. Then one would kneel over the other's pussy which was raised on cushions and thrust and gyrate her hips and hold the leg facing her. It was unbelievably beautiful to see and hear the deep mutual pleasure of these two mature women as they kept cumming, sometimes simultaneously

Later, for about an hour, they lay face down side by side with hands between their legs. As on many previous occasions I knelt over or between them as best I could and as they continued to pleasure themselves I attended to their awesome bottoms. They wanted me to squeeze them and massage them. They wanted my well lubed fingers to slide within the cleft of their rounded clenching buttocks, touching and stroking twitching sphincters. Each time they orgasmed my fingers penetrated tight pulsing rings of muscle to intensify their inexhaustible rapture.

Of course I was hard again and eventually Angela was able to make me come again but in a different way as Christine watched.



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