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Hot for Teacher 3

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Part 1: http://solotouch.com/story/hot-for-teacher-48068

Part 2:http://solotouch.com/story/hot-for-teacher-2-48700

Sorry if I'm not as eloquent as I have been. My head is still reeling from the experience.


Sorry for the delay! I would have written sooner, but, until today, nothing had happened.

You'll remember that I went to babysit Mrs. A's kids the day after my encounter with her, assuming we'd go further. This was untrue, however. I showed up at her house, she left, and gave me my money when I came back. Not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable, I decided to leave without bringing anything up. I left that day feeling confused. A few days later, I was asked to babysit again. I arrived to find Mr. A there, and knew that nothing would happen that night either. I left the next day to visit family up north for fourth of July weekend. I came back a few days later, and Mrs. A texted me that her husband would be away the next week and would need me to come over on Thursday (today).

I was excited to go over there, but remembered the last time when nothing had happened. I went over at around 5 in the afternoon, and knocked on the door. She answered, and I noticed that her two young children, usually very loud, were nowhere to be heard. I asked her about this, and she said they were with their grandparents for the day and would be staying over. She beckoned me inside. My heart was pounding. You may remember that one of the most attractive assets Mrs. A has is a beautiful, round butt, and I noticed she was wearing pants that showed it off in all its glory. I was already sporting a pretty stiff hardon that desperately wanted freedom. We sat on the couch, and she looked me in the eyes.

"Listen, I know I haven't talked about that night a few weeks ago." I didn't know where she was going. Was she going to break it off or continue? I had plenty of conflicting thoughts. I wanted to have her so badly, but I also knew an affair would not only violate her marriage, but it could potentially get one or both of us in trouble with the school or even the law. She went on to say that she often thought about the night we shared, and wanted to go a little bit further. I thought I was gonna die. My heart was going at a mile a minute.

"My husband and I have been having trouble lately, but I still love him and want to reconcile. Before we continue, I want you to understand that, and will not go any further than I'm comfortable with." I said that I understood, and she said she didn't want to get too much emotion tied into it, because that could only lead to disaster. She said it certainly wouldn't be meaningless, but she didn't want anyone to be brokenhearted. I told her that, despite my emotional outburst last time, I would try not to get too attached. She smiled and leaned in to kiss me, and I kissed her back. We locked lips, and her tongue met mine. After minutes of intense kissing, we came up for air and I lifted her shirt over her head, and took off mine. She stood up and took off her pants. I wriggled out of mine and we were left there in our underwear, her in a bra and panties and me in my boxers, hardon apparent. She looked down at it and, with a naughty look, sat down on me, straddling me as we locked lips once again. I reached around and fumbled with her bra, finally undoing it and freeing her breasts. I grabbed them and ever so gently pinched and tweaked her nipples. She broke the kiss with a little moan. She positioned herself so that my mouth was right by her tits. I began to do what I had done in so many fantasies. I took one in my mouth, sucking gently and running my tongue around it in slow, deliberate circles, as i pinched and rubbed the other nipple with my free hand, clutching her beautiful ass with the other. She responded positively to the nipple play, as evidenced by the light moans and the wetness I could feel beginning to drench my boxers.

Not wanting to torture her, I broke the kiss and sat her down on the couch. I ripped off her panties and exposed her beautiful bush. I felt her wetness. I put in two fingers and began fingering her with my left hand. I kissed her again, and once again fondled her breasts as I continued fingering her. She moaned constantly, and within two minutes I felt her vagina contract around my fingers and she arched her back. After she came down from her orgasm, she smiled at me and stood up. She sat me down and pulled down my underwear. She got on her knees in front of me and grasped my hardon. She pulled back my foreskin to reveal a large amount of precum on my head. She slowly began to stroke my cock. I was in heaven. She stroked slowly and tenderly. She brought her other hand to my balls and slowly began fondling them, ever so slightly, and I began to melt. I knew I wouldn't last long,but after about five minutes of that I felt the pressure begin to build. Mrs. A must have known, because she picked up the pace a little bit and began fondling my balls a bit more forcefully. I began to buck my hips and almost blacked out as my orgasm-the best I've had by far-began. Cum shot forcefully for what felt like hours but couldn't have been more than a few seconds. I thought I was going to turn into a puddle. All told, I think I shot 10 or so ropes out. When I looked, I saw lots of cum on Mrs. A's still-gripping hands, a little on her hair, some on her chin and chest, some on my stomach and chest, some on my leg, and some on the couch and floor. When I gathered enough strength and uttered a weak "wow."

"Did you enjoy yourself?" she asked. I muttered "very much, you?" It was a stupid thing to say and she laughed, but she said she did. I noticed we were both covered in sweat and each other's cum. I asked where the shower was. She told me, and I gathered my clothes. I cleaned myself off. My boxers were too drenched in her wetness to use, so I put them in my jeans back pocked and went commando in them. When I emerged, I saw that she had also showered and changed, and had cleaned the floor and couch. She smiled. We ordered food and talked for a long time, idle chat, broken often by make-out sessions, but we were both too spent to go further again sexually. We were together until almost midnight, at which point I told her I felt I should get back home. She paid me for my time "babysitting,"and gave me a gracious tip--her drenched panties. I put them in my free back pocket, cancelling my plans never to wash the boxers in my other one, now that I had the source of the wetness. We kissed one last time,and when she broke it, she told me she might need my services on Saturday. The door closed, and I walked back to my house, light-headed and looking forward to Saturday. I went to my room, took a long whiff of the panties, and hid them, confident I'd be using them many times in the future.

Thanks for bearing with me! If anything happens on Saturday, I'll let you know. I'm very excited.



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