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The First Time Someone Came In Me

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I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the first time someone came inside me without a condom was…interesting. 

The Good Sisters never mentioned this. In their sterile world, a man has sex with his submissive wife, and a single sperm finds her egg and ‘`Praise the Lord’ another Catholic is conceived. Hallelujah! 


But down here in the real world…..



I felt the twitches as he came, which tipped me over too, although I must admit, I was focusing really hard on what was happening inside me. Did I really feel his semen bathing my cervix? Did I really feel a warm, gushing sensation up there? I certainly knew that live sperms were inside me for the first time, and I hoped that little tablet would work its magic and there would be no egg available. 



All in all, it wasn’t a bad fuck. He, bless him, had tried to last as long as possible, and he hadn’t done badly at all. He was well hung though, and when I say that, I mean very well equipped. So much so that I was half expecting to be able to taste it when he came. 



But the real shock came when I stood up afterwards. The good sisters didn’t mention this. “Oh girls, sure, an’ when you stand up after sex, it will drip out of you for ages afterwards…..down your legs, into your panties…..and you need to wash or it will smell.” None of that. 



I felt it begin to emerge from me and promptly clamped my legs together. This didn’t help. Ever seen an ink pen nib? Two sides with a Chanel in between down which the ink flows. Same with a girl’s legs. I soon had sticky inner thighs. Oh well..one thing for it, panties and pantyhose on as quickly as possible. 



Back home, I stripped and surveyed the wreckage that had been normal teenage girl’s underwear before ‘the big event’. My panties were soaked, and more than that, didn’t smell of me anymore. Instead, there was the much stronger scent of semen and only a tiny element of me. My mum (or the housekeeper) would have no difficulty in guessing what had happened. My pantyhose too. Both wrecked. Both in need of me rinsing them through, which, I suppose was as good as advertising what I’d been up to. Although nylon doesn’t absorb fluids, it does get in a mess when semen is involved. (And a girl’s natural secretions if she doesn’t wear panties) My pantyhose was white and smelled odd now too. 



Sex is messy! I think it’s a design error. If semen was a powder, it could be easily brushed away, and only ‘activated’ when mixed with a girl’s secretions. Boys would certainly find wanking less messy - fewer stiff socks, that’s for sure. 



But the overall impression was that finally I had really ‘done it’. I’d let….no…I’d encouraged a boy to ‘do it in me’, to cum inside my vagina. It felt as much a rite of passage as my first masturbation, or my first lesbian experience, or, for that matter, my first fuck (with a condom.) You definitely can’t be a virgin with semen leaking out of your vagina. 



Which, I suppose leads me on to the subject of my first anal. Look away now if you’re likely to be offended. 



Vaginas are not watertight. Bumholes, (thank God) are. So, after some false starts, eventually, we got to the moment where he said he was going to cum, and instead of spurting on my back, or on my bum cheeks, I urged him to cum in my bum. Similar pulsing feeling, but no sensation of any semen being up there. When he pulled out, I remained where I was while things …er….normalised back there. 



All well and good until a few hours later, when I tried to (and believe me, I’ve tried to think of another way of saying this) sneak out a cheeky fart. I knew immediately I was in trouble. I dashed up to my room and yanked my panties down. Oh well…now I knew. There wasn’t a huge amount - but there was enough. Plus, of course rather than being silent, it had made a wet, squelchy fatty noise and I thought I’d crapped myself. 



Now, here’s something interesting. For the next two days, maybe three days, I was horny as fuck…more horny than usual if that’s possible for me. I wondered why until recently when I told Tig, or Dr. Tig as we must now call her. 



When she’d finished laughing, she asked if I’d ever had a suppository? Well, I get migraines now and then. Fortunately not very often, but when I get one it’s an absolute cunt, and the really savage ones only respond to suppositories. So, she asked me how a suppository works. Er….you push it up your bum and the pain goes away. Ah, but why does the pain go away? Fucked if I know. Tig said “You’re large intestine exists to remove liquid from waste matter…and nutrients. That’s how the medicine gets into your bloodstream. Semen is mostly water. You absorbed most of it….and the testosterone it carries. Testosterone is what makes girls horny. You make it in varying amounts as you go through your cycle. Absorbing…or swallowing it will make you horny…or, in your case, hornier!” Well…who knew? 



She’s right though. For maybe three days post-anal sex, I am really quite rabid. Less so if I’ve swallowed semen, but it does have a notable effect for all that.



Sex. Messy, amazing, and totally wonderful!




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