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The Dream

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A dream to remember.


It was many years ago, I was 14 and my best friend, Katie, was a few months younger.  I already understood that I was a lesbian, boys never interested me in any way and still don't.  I was young and unexperienced, I had yet to work myself up to asking out another girl much less kiss or make love.   Katie and I were inseparable and spend most every weekend at each other's home having sleep overs and spending time at the mall.  One weekend we were at Katie's house, I always liked staying there, she had a double bed which we shared, I only had a twin and one of us ended up on the floor.  It was late when we climbed into bed, Katie's parents went to bed hours ago, we had been doing what we normally do, talking, watching old movies and being silly.  I quickly fell asleep, it was late after all.  Sometime later, no idea how long, I started dreaming, I could not see anyone in my dream as the room was dark; I was laying on my back and felt like I was floating.  I could sense I was not alone in my dream, someone or something was there with me in the dark.  I heard a soft whisper say "don't be afraid", of course this made me immediately afraid as no one says things like that unless you are about to be scared to death.  Ok, maybe we should not have watched Friday the 13th before going to bed.....  I laid there quietly waiting for something to happen, after what seemed like an eternity I felt a hand tenderly brush against my breast.  I jumped and gasped a bit causing the whisper to say "it's Ok, you will like this" and my nipple got touched which I have to admit, I did like.  The hand gently and tenderly explored my breasts and nipples through my t-shirt I slept in and worked its way down to the bottom of my shirt and slid in underneath to gain better access to my small but sensitive breasts.  The hand wandered around under my t-shirt from the top of my panties (which were starting to get wet) to my neck teasing and massaging along the way.  The hand was joined by a mouth which was kissing my neck and teasing my nipples.  Damn I hope I remember this dream I thought to myself, this is amazing.  I slid my hand toward my pussy, I was beginning to seriously need an orgasm, when the dream hand corrected me the whisper saying "in due time, in due time".  Oh hell I thought to myself, so it is going to be like that.  The hand made its way back up to my breasts and continued to wander around under my t-shirt making me more and more turned on.  The mouth found its way back to my nipples and was doing amazing things to them, the sparks were flying from my nipples to my clitoris with each flick of the tongue, I could feel my pussy throbbing, aching for attention.  With the dream mouth having my full attention I missed the hand sliding down to my soaked panties, the fingers gently stroking my pussy through my panties, I gasped out loud.  "you like that?" whispered the voice, I said that I did, the hand continuing to explore my pubic mound through my panties and the magic mouth still on my nipples continuing for what felt like hours.   

The hand worked its way to the top of my panties and slid inside, I moaned with anticipation hoping that I was going to finally get the orgasm I desperately needed.  A finger started to slide from the top to the bottom of my opening just barely inside my folds, the occasional slight touch of my clitoris was delightful and driving me insane.  Up and down, up and down the finger went going just to my clit and back down going ever so slightly deeper from time to time.  I could feel my orgasm building but the way the hand kept itself just outside of me made it so I would not cum, Oh My God, this was the best dream ever!  Up and down, up and down, up and down, my head was swimming, up and down, up and down, up and BAM!  two fingers were inside and another was working my clit, within seconds I orgasmed and nearly screamed my insides contracting and spasming throwing the most intense waves of pleasure through my body that I have ever experienced.  But the hand did not stop!  It continued to thrust in and out working on my clit until I orgasmed a second time shooting more waves of intense pleasure through me.  I had never experienced anything close to this before, I was gasping for air, my head spinning and everything just stopped. 

I woke up a few moments later, looked over at Katie, who was awake, and blurt out "Oh My God Katie, I just had the most amazing dream!"   

Katie just smiled..... 



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