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Caught the Neighbor Boy

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This happened last summer, but I just now decided to write about it.


I had taken a day off during the week, and go figure, I still woke up early. I couldn't fall back asleep and since the sun was already up, I decided to start my day. I made my coffee and went back upstairs and just watched the neighborhood through the back window. I was there for a few minutes when I saw the boy next door walk out and lay on a lounge chair on the patio. Nothing unusual, but that morning he walked out completely naked. Not even carrying a towel.

The thing is, if you knew him you would never expect it, nor would you believe he even went naked inside. He is a very shy boy, short blond hair and glasses, a little chubby and is very sweet. Once he gets to know you, he'd help you with anything. One day he even helped me carry bags of groceries in from my car. At no time since I met him did I even think about there being a sexual bone in his body.

Anyway, our neighborhood is very quiet, even during the summer since there really aren't any kids that would be out of school anymore, so I guess he thought he had the street to himself. He was wrong though, because I happened to be there getting an eyeful. Just seeing him laying there without a worry in the world, completely exposed, I was starting to feel that itch between my legs. At first I was just rubbing myself over my pants, but when I saw his penis start to stiffen, there was no way I wasn't going to masturbate. I ran back to the bedroom and got my vibrator, pulled off my pajama pants and panties and sat down in the computer chair. I turned it on and was rubbing it up and down my pussy lips, staring at his erection in the morning sun. This was for about 15 seconds, but when he reached down and started stroking it, I gasped out loud. He was actually masturbating outside! His other hand was on his belly and the bottoms of his feet were together, and he started stroking a little faster, almost proud to do it.

I was so turned on I could scream. I tore off my pajama shirt leaving me as naked as him and shoved the vibrator inside me, loving the buzzing in my vagina. I moved it in and out, trying to match him stroke for stroke. He started going faster so I started going faster. He was still at it when I came, but it wasn't enough. I kept shoving it in and out without missing a beat. He kept this up for a few more minutes before he sat up quickly and spun to the side. He spread his legs apart wide and came, shooting his cum onto the concrete. Seeing this sent me over the edge again, and a monstrous orgasm ripped through me almost causing me to slide off the chair. I kept watching him and he would stroke it slowly and shake it, flinging off whatever cum was left. He did this a few times then looked around, making sure he was still alone then went back inside, his penis still partially hard and sticking out.

The rest of the morning I didn't even bother getting dressed, I just rolled around in bed, masturbated a couple more times and kept going back to the window to see if he was there. He obviously wasn't going to do it again, but I kept checking anyway. I wondered if he stayed naked after he went inside. I wondered if he got on the computer to look up porn. I wondered if he kept masturbating, ejaculating all over the place. Just thinking about this made me need to masturbate again. The only other time I saw him that day was when he went out to mow the grass, just wearing a white shirt, gym shorts and flip flops. Even then, I wondered if he had any underwear on or if he was enjoying the freedom of going without.

That afternoon when my husband got home from work, I practically dragged him upstairs as soon as he got through the door, treating him to some amazing sex, making him cum twice. He didn't ask what had gotten into me that day, but I will say it was the most sexual day I have had in a long time.



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