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Modeling for the Family Sequel

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I'm Kathy and I wrote Modelling for the Family. Just thought I would relate what recently happened as a result of my rather risqué modelling moment for my family.

My younger sister Donna (13) watched me model the bathing suits and had a rather shocked look on her face when I took off the suit. Two nights later Donna knocks on my bedroom door and I told her to come in. She says she has something she wants to ask me but I must promise not to get mad at her for asking. I couldn't imagine what might be on her mind and I told her I promised and then I said, "go ask away." Donna then asked if she could see my titties (her word) again. I was certainly surprised by her request but I quickly thought back to my evening of modelling and figured that's what prompted the request. Donna is quite naïve so this request isn't really out of the ordinary for her.

I took off my T shirt and removed my bra. Donna stared at them for awhile and then said, "they're so big (they aren't but she seems to think they are, probably because hers are quite small). I told her she could touch them if she wanted to. She immediately reached out with both hands and held each one. I told her to feel them which she did. I then told her she could play with my nipples if she wanted. Donna first just held them with her fingers and then she started to roll them and pull on them. She asked me if it hurt and I told her it didn't and that it felt nice. She wanted to know if they were always so hard. I said they were only hard because she was touching them.

She continued to fondle them. After a little while I said, "Donna, raise up your arms." when she did I pulled her top over her head and then I undid her bra. Her hands went immediately up to cover them and I told her to put her hands down and that I was going to show her something. She put them down and I began to gently fondle her and I began to tweak her nipples. I was quite surprised that she has such large nipples considering her breasts are so small. I asked her how it felt and Donna said she feels funny down below. I asked her if she ever touched herself down there and she said she hadn't. I stopped touching her and told her that soon when mom and dad are out I would show her how to really make herself feel good. She seemed very excited about the idea. I then suggested we both put our tops back on before mom comes up stairs exploring.

I intend to teach her how to masturbate and I'm hoping I'm doing the right thing. I had no sister to show me and I learned from a good female friend. I think this is probably better. If she gets overly anxious I'll just stop.



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