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Summer Camp Experiences

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Spying on Girls at Summer Camp


I have had many sexual experiences with my sisters and cousins and would like to continue sharing these. I am the one who wrote "First Time With Cousins".

My cousins lived about two hours away, so we visited each other frequently as I grew up in the 50's. One experience we all looked forward to was summer camp and we all attended the same camp at the same time, which allowed our mothers to spend a week together.

One summer, when I was fourteen, I shared a cabin with my cousin Jimmy, who was only two weeks older. Usually the camp counselors tried to keep us apart because we were quite a handful. This summer was to be no different. In those days, they kept the girls and boys as far away from each other as possible.

Carol was fifteen and Jimmy's older sister; Judy was sixteen and my older sister. They stayed in the same cabin together for years and were up for camp counselors next year. In-between was my younger sister, Janice known as the "good sister" or "good cousin" who was thirteen that summer.

For the last two summers, Jimmy and I were successful in spying on the girls in their various cabins as they readied for bed, and we had a nice routine every evening of collecting firewood for our counselor. We would rush through the woods and stack the wood nearby, then sneak up to the girls' cabins for a much anticipated view of bras and panties and sometimes nubile little breasts. Trees and binoculars were the required equipment for looking down into the showers for a full body view.

By this time we both had sprouted a little pubic hair, but Jimmy's penis was still bigger and thicker and he could squirt a lot more. My ejaculate amounted to a mere two or three dribbles while Jimmy could actually shoot a tablespoon a couple of feet. Oh yes I was envious and often wondered what would ever become of my little sprout.

There were five cabins with eight campers each for the girls and the same for the boys. The ages were mixed up so that the younger campers (age thirteen) would be mixed in with the older campers (age sixteen, usually the counselors).

It was Jimmy who first started making a comparison of a girl's pussy with a bum hole. Still being quite naive, I agreed and we were soon contemplating who would do what to whom first. Scissors-rock-paper soon had me applying Vaseline to my hole while Jimmy lubricated his cock, already purple and throbbing with anticipation.

Now my bum hole was not at all a virgin at least to inanimate objects. My own fingers, the appropriate sized hairbrush handle, Lincoln logs, and a douche tip had all found their way into that place and resulted in many intense and satisfying orgasms. Jimmy's cock looked much bigger and I wondered if I would be able to follow through.

Jimmy continued stroking his cock as I bent over the side of a chair. I felt his finger probing me and then push into me and my erect cock jerked with pleasure. My right hand reached down and I started stroking myself. He withdrew his finger and the rest of the incident was full of jolts of pleasure.

We were both breathing hard and sweating, and his face was red and sweaty when he finished. I gave him a couple seconds to recover but was very anxious to feel the relief that had built up inside me. My hole tingled, my cock throbbed, I could hardly touch myself without initiating an orgasm. Jimmy laid back on the floor, his limp cock, smelly and slick, already bunching up. He said it felt great and offered me the Vaseline which I readily applied to my cock, being careful not to rub too much. Jimmy wiped some on his hole and assumed the position over the chair where I had been only minutes before. I inserted my middle finger and Jimmy joked that my he could hardly feel my cock. But seconds later the feeling was intense beyond belief and as fast as it started, it was over and my cock shrunk and slipped out.

We both talked about how good it felt and took every chance we could when we were together to pleasure ourselves that way. By the sixth grade, I knew exactly what we were doing, but we both agreed it was too pleasurable to stop...even at camp.

By the second night at camp, we had already picked two cabins to voyeur and assured our place in the large white pine next to the showers was still accessible. Surprisingly, neither cabin of choice had our sisters in them, but the counselors were cute high school girls who were our tennis instructors, wearing very short tennis skirts revealing smooth, tanned legs and white panties.

Throughout camp, we watched them undress completely while their girls were out and throw on a robe and then would follow them to the showers where our perch and binoculars would afford us an almost inch by inch view of their bodies. There was hardly a minute we were not playing with our constant erections and spewing our cum on the forest floor at least three times every night that week. Twice, one of these beautiful girls masturbated while leaning against the stall wall which sent both Jimmy and I into a masturbation frenzy. It was a wonderful, sensual, erotic summer at camp that year that most males never experience, not to mention two, oversexed junior high cousins.

Water balloons were also the boys favorite weapon. To watch the water soak through a young girl's shirt was truly erotic, because most of them did not wear bras at camp and their shirts clung like Glad Wrap to their perky breasts. You could almost watch their nipples harden and most were oblivious to their condition, fighting back with their own balloons, and chasing us down. I wouldn't be caught dead wrestling with a junior high girl at home, but at camp, the social inhibitions were more relaxed

Since I was rather smallish in junior high, the girls would often choose me to run after and tackle to the ground. By now their bodies were not only wet from well aimed water balloons, but sweaty. Connie was the fastest and toughest and I remember laying on my back, being straddled by this strong girl, t-shirt cotton clinging to her nubile breasts calling for the rest to smear dirt in my face. On one occasion, she slid forward and pinned my arms to the ground. As she spread her legs, a huge gap appeared in her shorts between her legs and I was treated to an unobscured view of her panties which beautifully outlined her pussy lips. She caught be looking, pulled back and started yelling "pervert!". I took advantage of her surprise, pushed her to her back and now it was I who was on top, between her legs, however, she was far from helpless and quickly wrenched free.

For a matter of seconds, we stared at each other, breathless, dirty, but knowing that something powerful was stirring inside both of us. There was a realization of physical attraction but a definite caution that seemed very complicated. I smiled and apologized just as two of her comrades arrived ready to defend her. She said she had already taken care of the "shrimp" and the three walked away in a victorious strut...but not without her looking back and smiling.

That summer, Connie chose me twice for a swim buddy and a member of the mixed relay team. As long as her girlfriends weren't around, she was like a best friend, but she treated me horribly in front of them. I tried many times to spy on her, but our camp schedules wouldn't allow me even a chance, so I resorted to jacking off with the memory of her perky breasts and warmth between her legs which was more than enough for any junior high boy. She moved away and that was the last time I saw her, but of course her memory lived long and hot.



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