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Innocent Fun Leads To Other Things

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An innocent meeting with an old friend takes an unexpected turn


A couple of weeks ago I had an evening with a dear friend which developed from a quiet evening into someting very unexpected.

Six years or so ago, I lived in NH and had a little circle of friends that went out regularly for some drinks to the local pub. Unfortunately, I relocated and gradually lost touch with many of them. However, I did keep in touch with one of my friends-I'll call her Kim. Anyway two weeks ago I had to go on a business trip and stay in a hotel which was not to far from where she lived, so I gave her a call and asked if we could meet up again.

We arranged to meet in the hotel bar at 6:30 and I arrived first and sat at the bar, ordered a drink and read the newspaper while waiting. The bar was quite full and after a while I noticed that Kim had arrived and was sitting at the far end ordering a glass of Merlot-she had obviously not seen me.

I decided to have some fun and to pretend that I didn't know her and try to pick her up in a bar full of people.

I walked around the bar and sat down beside her saying 'Hello, I see you're drinking Merlot, that's my favourite drink also, do you mind if I sit next to you?'

Kim, caught on immediately what my game was-even though we hadn't seen each other for quite a while. 'Sure, that would be nice' she says.

There was an elderly married couple next to me and it was quite a look they gave us at this obvious pick-up line. They proceeded to move there seats away from us slightly and started sneaking glances at us while whispering to each other.

For about 45 minutes we kept up the game, and by this time we had many people, including the two bar tenders, watching and listening. Although we had only been close friends in the past, this little play was certainly getting my passions to run higher and also causing some difficulty in my pants with an erection and wetness.

I had brought her a little present as we hadn't seen each other for a while, so continuing the game, I said to her, not too loud, but loud enough for some to hear 'I've got a little something for you in my room, if you would like to come up later' and proceeded to give her my spare room key. I gave her a peck on the cheek and said goodnight and went to my room.

I knew she would come to the room and after a few minutes there was a knock on the door-she didn't use the room key I gave her.

When she came in we couldn't stop laughing and gave each other a friendly kiss. I had bought her a little piece of jewellery and she loved it and gave me a kiss which was not quite the friendly one we had exchanged before.

'I got quite a thrill this evening' Kim says 'Do you want me to go now?'

I was still semi hard and also still wet and said I would love her to stay awhile. She asked me if I was alone what would I be doing now-did I have lots of work or would I watch TV.

With the tension still high, I said I would probably play with myself, if alone. She then surprised me by saying she would like to watch, she came towards me and started unbuttoning my shirt, then undid my belt and let my trousers slip to the floor. My shoes and socks came next so I could take my pants off. There I was standing with only my underpants with a bulge in the front. She bent down and pulled them down, and said 'Over to you now'

I lay on the bed and proceeded to stoke slowly, I didn't need any lubrication as I was already soaking wet. Kim just sat right next to me resting on her elbow and watched, her face close to my penis. I tried to make it as slow as possible and was so turned on by this turn of events. Up and down over the tip, getting faster and faster trying to hold back for as long as I could, but them I came with a fierce squirt and intense feeling. I looked up and saw Kim with a big smile on her face.

She said why don't you go to the bathroom and get cleaned up.

When I came back, she was on the bed with no clothes on and her hand betwen her legs. What an incredible sight and what a surprise. From the look she was already soaking wet from watching me. Kim asked me to lie next to her and put my fingers against her clit, but not to move.

I did this and she then started moving her hips against my two fingers and pushing right into her then out to touch her erect clit. If I started to move my fingers, she pulled away and told me to keep still, she wanted to climax with her own movement.

This was a real turn on, there I was with my fingers sloshing around and not being allowed to move them. Kim movements became increasingly faster, and very noisy. After a while she arched her back and her whole body became rigid and she moaned and groaned so load I'm sure next door would certainly have heard her.

This whole episode probably only lasted 15 minutes or so, but I have relived it many, many times in my fantasies over the last two weeks. Needless to say my friend Kim has developed into a much closer friend now, and I've already been back for another business trip and plan many more in the future. I wonder why?



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