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Dating a Naughty Girl...

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This is the story about the first time I ever received a hand job from a girl...

Erica and I had been dating for about two weeks. We had met over the summer and things had started to escalate rather quickly. Just to give you a background about her, she was 15 years old and very well developed. She was about 5'4" Blonde hair with an athletic, but skinny frame. Erica was one of those girls with an hourglass frame. 36B with a tight tummy and hips that slightly came out, but a very cute, tight ass The night began with her coming over to my house after school. Once we got into my basement we immediately started going at it with each other. At that age we would make out any chance we would get. Being the horny teen I was, I would instantly get hard and she loved to tease me. After making out on the couch for awhile, she climbed on top of me and took off her shirt. She told me all day she thought about me sucking on her nipples and that she couldn't take it anymore. That was all the encouragement I needed as my mouth immediately latched onto her nipple. She was young but knew what turned her on. I spent time going back and forth between each nipple as she was grinding away on me telling me how good it felt. After about what seemed like five minutes of this we knew something was going to have to give. She was grinding harder and faster and my hips were rising to meet hers. I could tell by the way she was pressing my face on her tits that she was getting close. Her moans were getting louder and her panting and breathing was getting louder. I pulled my mouth away and asked her if she was ready to cum for me. It was all the encouragement she needed as she started shaking and bucking uncontrollably. I grabbed her tit and started sucking away while she was cumming on my lap. Once we both caught our breath and looked at the clock we realized it was time to take her home. My dick was literally throbbing and I had leaked so much pre-cum you could see spots on my boxers. She knew I needed a release too but we had also been late getting her home before and we knew we had to leave now. I was bummed but figured I could just rub one out later thinking about how hot it was when she came on my lap. She apparently had another idea because once we got in the car she looked over at me with a sly smile and asked if I was ready for my turn. Without even waiting for me to answer, she unzipped my pants and slid her hand inside. Of course my dick became aware and instantly grew in her hand. It was less than 10 minutes to her house, but after how excited I was earlier that it wouldn't take long. As if what was happening wasn't hot enough already, Erica unbuttoned her jeans and slightly slid them down. She pulled her hand off my dick and slowly slid it inside her panties. She gathered some wetness, slid her hand back in and began jacking me harder using her juice as lube. I was so turned on it was hard to drive. We were a block away from her house so I pulled in front of a house and parked. All I could do is reach over and slid my hand into her panties and rub her as hard and fast as she was jacking me. My mouth latched onto hers and we started kissing heavily. Her pussy was so wet I could hear my fingers going in and out. She herself was getting close again too. I told her how dirty a girl she was and that she was about to make me cum. Erica then started to pick up her pace. I knew I couldn't take it anymore and told her I was gonna explode and explode I did. With her hand inside my pants my dick shot off rope after rope. After being pent up for the whole night the cum just kept shooting. I could feel it covering her hand, and my leg but she kept tugging. This sent her over the edge and I felt her pussy contract all over my fingers. After slowly stroking my down from my orgasm she pulled her hand out of my pants and it was covered in cum. I asked Erica if she needed a napkin, but she gave me a wink and started to lick each finger. We gathered ourselves and drove around the block. Once we pulled up in front of her house and I kissed her and told her goodnight. She looked back at me and said that was the first time she had ever tasted cum...and tomorrow she wants more.



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