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She Became My Muse

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She caught me writing naughty stories and became the focus of my next one


I was all set for a quiet day at work, on my own enjoying a bit or work and a perhaps bit of porn. I had a cam on my screen and a half-written story for SoloTouch when suddenly the office door opened. I jumped and instantly, closed the cam, clicked on a few folders to hide what was on my screen just as I turned round to meet the sales rep who’s appointment I had forgotten about. She was probably early 50s, plain looking, about size 14 with smallish breasts.

She asked if I was ok, as I looked pretty flushed, and reminded me she’d come to demo her ordering software app for the office. Before I could do or say anything she was sat at my computer and just about to install the software when something caught her eye. It was a story, half written, bold as brass on my screen, and she started reading it.

A sense of fear and dread came over me as she sat in silence at my screen. Eventually she said “I wish my husband would think like this!”, she turned round and winked at me as I stood behind her, horrified. Suddenly she asked lots of questions….. “Do you write a lot?”, “Who’s your inspiration?”, “Does it make you horny to write?” ….

I replied yes it does make me horny, and inspiration can come from anywhere - most of my stories are based on the truth - although I like to sometimes invent odd situations where a sexual encounter might unexpectedly happen. “Like when?” she asked….. I loaded up my profile and got her to read some of my stories from the past. “Hmmm very good, very good” she said.

“Would you write one for me?” She suddenly turned back round and looked at me with a wicked smile on her face, looking me up and down. “I’m not so attractive these days” she sighed, “I’d love someone to use me as their muse, i would be such a turn on!  Make a lightly chubby, slightly too old girl feel sexy again!”.  

She traced her hand down the buttons of my shirt and onto my bulging crotch, and squeezed my hardening cock. “You’re not too old, and you are not ‘chubby’ as you call it!” I said as she gripped my shaft though my jeans. “Is that so!” she smirked.

I quickly went to the office door and locked it before returning to her.

I leant down and began to unbutton her blouse… “Read some more” I said. She turned back to the screen and I was behind her, as she read my stories and some of the others on the site, I un-did each button and pushed my fingers inside her bra… playing with her small, soft natural tits, now her blouse was un-buttoned I removed her bra completely, leaving her blouse on but wide open and I got a grip of her lovely tits again, her nipples were very hard, pressing sharply into the palms of my hands. Then I moved my hand down to her skirt and felt inside, down to her warm crutch. She squirmed as I pressed inside her panties and felt her lips. I slipped my fingers inside and felt her soft wet flesh. My left hand was around her shoulder and still playing with her boobs.

She so was very wet.  I played with her clit and rubbed her folds until she just had to lean back into me and close her eyes… turning to me and kissing my neck me as my fingers brought her off to an orgasm, she tightened her legs around my hand as I flicked her clit expertly.

As I removed my hand and licked my fingers, she just said ‘Write!”.

We changed places and I began to type up what had just happened on my keyboard as I felt her hands around my waist un-buckle my jeans and open my flies. She took out my cock and stroked my shaft as she kissed my neck.

I was amazing having a hand on my cock walking me as I wrote up her naughty story.

“what were you thinking before I came here?” she asked. I replied I had a web cam up and was looking at some girls masturbating. She told me to get them back up on my screen so she could see. We browsed a few till I found a small breasted girl in her early 20s, in her bra and knickers. She had slipped her hand inside her bra and was playing with her nipple as the other hand was delving inside her lacy knickers, so you could see her fingers through the fabric.

“Bet you’d like to cum all over her?” she asked me…. as she rubbed my fat balls and pulled up on my cock. She played great attention to my straining cock head, teasing and pulling on it. My hard cock stretched and arched under the strain. “Perhaps I could cum on you?” I enquired.

With that she spun me around, way form the screen and pulled me up off of my chair towards her.

“Mmm, all over my small titties?” ……  “You like little small tits don’t you” as she continued to wank my now very aching cock.  “Yes I said, because little tits will always remain natural and pert, and your nipples are amazing” …. “Mmm you’re right” she said “My tits are always pert, despite my age”

She slipped her blouse off her body and took my cock in both hands and pulled me up against her chest and began to wank me, up and down her hands went, rubbing my balls every often. My hips moved against her hands, I moved closer still till the under side of my cock was rubbing up and don her sweaty chest with her hands on top… she encourage me to thrust faster … then it came, an amazing cumshaw, ropes of semen all over her tits and down her tummy. I got her some tissues, and helped her clean up and watched her get dressed all while I was still half naked.  “That was amazing” I said to her as she buttoned up her blouse.

She looked down and saw my cock was still hard. She raced her fingers all along the shaft to the tip, then underneath the head and all the way back underneath to my balls… then she circled her thumb and fingers around the base and squeezed me hard, but gently. “You’re not done yet are you?” …. “You bad bad boy!”

I held the sides of her head and guided her back to the chair and sat her down, she automatically opened her mouth as I slid into her. Her soft lips wrapped around my cock and began to suck. She gripped my bare bottom and thrust me back and forth. My knees started to weaken, I stumbled and fell onto her lap. “You tired poor baby?” she smirked.

I took her hand and placed it on my cock… “Make me cum again” I asked her

She looked at my rid hid cock and wanked me lovingly up and down… it was painful but I needed her to bring me off once again, she worked me faster and soon I came all over her hands.. she continued to pull on my cock as theist drops of semen dribbled onto her hand.

 With that she pushed me off her and collected her things.

“Put that on your profile, this whole story - I want to read it”

and then she was off….. what a day. I was spent.



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