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Steve's Wife Claire Part 3

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This is the next instalment of my experiences with Steve and Claire


I quickly came to realise that they were both very open sexually, indeed on most nights I had listened to them having sex as I lay on the sofa bed masturbating repeatedly. A few times I was left alone with Steve and every time he turned the conversation to sex. Steve was 7 or 8 years older than me, massive, far stronger than me and had the largest cock I had ever known being 8.5 inches long and 6 inches in girth around his cock head.

One night I was in the kitchen with Steve, he broke open some beers as he made some food and then telling me to drink up he opened a bottle of Southern Comfort. He then started telling me about his time in the Merchant Navy. He had served on a tanker vessel and would often be at sea for weeks before shore leave. He then told me that virtually everyone had sex with other guys as you would spend weeks watching or listening to guys wanking off or playing with each other and asked me if I had heard of doing the barrel? I had never heard of it and he told me that it was an initiation ceremony for new sailors. He told me that they got a new seaman drunk, stripped him and then put him in a large plastic container that resembled a barrel with a hole drilled into the side. The sailor was put in, the lid shut and then he had to suck a cock through the hole in the barrel or pay a forfeit. If he agreed the sailors each took a turn placing their cocks through the hole and the new sailor was obliged to wank the other sailors of. I have to be honest, I felt my cock start to twinge and the image in my mind made my cock instantly hard. Trying hard not to show my interest I then asked what was the forfeit for? Steve then told me that sometimes if a sailor was too drunk then he had to undertake a forfeit which meant lots were drawn and he had to suck a cock or be fucked.

There was silence as he poured a large comfort and I gulped it down nervously. Listening to this and imagining what this must have been like my cock was rock hard and I could already feel where I was leaking precum. I felt so turned on and dared look up but as I did so Steve was looking directly at me, stroked his massive cock and sensing my excitement chided me that he I would love to be made to suck cock. I blustered and turned away but as I did so he pulled down his joggers and his huge cocked swelled and grew to its full length. I felt powerless and as he leant forward he told me to suck his cock which was now only inches from my mouth. I tried to resist but I wanted to suck him so much I opened my mouth and in seconds his large swollen cock head was in my mouth and I could already taste the saltiness of his precum. I slowly tried to relax as he thrust his huge cock head into my mouth making me gag as he did so. chocking I tried to force his massive girth down my throat and sucked his cock while running my tongue along his shaft but just the there was a sound of a key entering the lock and pulling back he quickly turned away, pulled up his joggers as Claire entered the lounge asking what he was doing? He told her that he wasn't doing anything but she just looked at him and then at me as I felt my cheeks flush and turned away from her gaze. However, she seemed to know exactly what had happened and told me him if he wanted his cock sucked then she wanted to watch. I couldn't believe it as she stood watching us before Steve asked what she meant but it was obvious as she told him she wanted to watch me suck his cock. With that she pulled him forward by his joggers, pulled down the waist band, stroked his semi hard cock and watched it harden in her hands before telling me to suck his cock.

I didn't need asking again and as I leant forward she gripped the base of his shaft as I started to take as much of his massive shaft down my throat as I could. Claire reached round the back of my head and gently encouraged me by pushing my mouth harder over his cock as I gagged trying to take as much as I could down my throat. Steve was now groaning and I felt his massive cock swell and harden in my mouth as I slid my tongue repeatedly along his length tasting his precum as I did do. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Steve was reaching down and trying to stroke her pussy but she was having none of it, undid her jeans and sliding her fingers down her pussy proceeded to finger herself. This had a massive impact on Steve as he grabbed my head, forced his cock deep into my mouth and as I gagged on his huge shaft he shouted he was cumming and in seconds I felt shot after shot of warm cum fill my mouth as I tried to swallow it all. By now Claire was clearly near and gripping a handful of hair she orgasmed loudly as I felt the last of Steve's cum fill my mouth. Slowly Steve and Claire released that grip of my hair and releasing me Claire bent forward and kissed me and seemed to be trying to take any cum from my mouth as she did so before we all sat down,. poured another drink and recovered.



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