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A Night To Remember!

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This is a true story... enjoy!


This happened a little over a year ago and, unlike some of the stories on this site, is 100% true. That being said... here goes the story:

Like I said, this happened a little over a year ago and involved my friend Tracy, whom I was good friends with in college. Let me describe her a little for you: she is about 5'7 or 5'8, dark-ish blond hair, cute face, beautiful blue eyes, average body and good sized breasts (not sure what size though). In sum, she is not what you would call hot but she is really cute and I always kind of had a crush on her - not enough to start a relationship though.

Anyway, we hung out pretty much all the time and with the same group of friends. Unfortunately, one of these friends really liked me - which, as you would imagine, negated any chance I had of getting with Tracy. Our senior year, Tracy got a boyfriend who ended up joining our close knit group of friends. He was a really great guy, so I would never do anything with Tracy - even though there was a lot of sexual tension between us. After graduation, we hung out a few times during the summer (and did end up making out.. but nothing further) before we both went to separate Grad schools. I was in Philly and she, sadly, was in Boston.. so we rarely got to hang out.

With all of that introduction out of the way... here comes the fun stuff. (no pun intended) After we both finished our first years at our respective grad schools, we made plans for me to go visit her up in Boston for a weekend. She was taking summer classes there, so she was staying in the apartment she lived in the prior year with two other apartment mates. After a REALLY long drive, I finally got to her place around 6pm on a Friday night. We immediately had a few drinks and went to a few bars and had many more drinks.

I don't really remember much of that night, nor does she, BUT we woke up naked next to each other - this, as you may imagine, was a welcomed surprise. On the one hand, I was naked and spooning with a girl I wanted for the longest time. On the other hand, I didn't remember it. Anyway, as you guys reading this can attest to, one normally wakes up hard as it is but, since Tracy was naked next to me I was even harder. I wanted to see what happened the night before so I intentionally rolled over really fast in order to wake her up - which, it did. She was surprised as much as I was and, to break the ice, I jokingly said: 'too bad I don't remember what happened because now I don't have anything to jerk off to thinking about later.'

With that she grabbed my hard cock and responded, 'well, lets fix that!' She expertly stroked me... first really slow and gentle then fast and hard. It was almost as if she knew exactly how I liked it. I couldn't believe that this was happening... I used to jerk off fantasizing about her doing this... and here she was stroking me in real life. While she was stroking me, I was sucking on her nipples (which were the bigger than I would think they would be... but nevertheless they were amazing.) I then moved up and started kissing her neck. I must have kissed the right spot because she moaned really loudly then started furiously rubbing her clit. That was about all I could take moaned really loudly and came all over her hand, stomach, leg and bed. I don't think I ever had an orgasm like that before or since. Moments latter she came and we both collapsed into each others arms. She whispered to me that she had wanted to do that for the longest time and I was frequently involved in her fantasies when she jilled. With that, she fell back asleep and I did about 10 minutes later. I took that time to grab her boobs and take in as much of her naked as I could - knowing somehow, correctly as it turned out, that it would never happen again.

When we woke up, we took a shower together and ended up (finally) having sex and, this time I remembered it!, but that is not what this website is about.

Anyway, I ended up staying for a few extra days, yet after the shower, nothing sexual at all happened and we never talked about it. While she was at class, I got really horny and decided to jerk off in her bed. I was stroking myself for a few minutes picturing all the events of what happened this weekend, and, when I was about to cum, I realized that she might not like me getting cum all over her bed (well, when she was not involved in causing the mess at least) So, I grabbed what was closest to me - her black bra.

I wrapped one cup of the thin material around my cock and stroked myself off and shot my jizz in her bra. I do not know if any of you do this - but this is one of my favorite was to jerk off. When ever I get the chance, I steal a bra from a girl I hook up with (generally, those girls who have larger breasts - since these bras tend to be able to catch the cum better) and wrap it around my hard cock and cum all in it. But, for some odd reason, I did not take hers.

This occurred on the last day I was there and it was one of the last few times we talked let alone hung out. Anyway, thanks for reading my story of what happened... I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy remembering it!



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