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Sexual Exploration Part II

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My first experience with female orgasm.


Casey had told me she liked the way it felt when I touched her breasts but she'd also said not as much as the "other".?

Other? My mind is racing, what other? OH, That other!! "You like it when I rub your tummy?" She admitted that, yes, she liked it, she liked it a lot in fact, it felt so nice. I refocused my attention where it "felt so nice" and Casey responded with a moan like I'd never heard before. She actually spread her legs, just a little, and kind of scooted forward on the seat slightly (bench seats weren?t really so bad, were they?). Before I knew what was happening she took my hand and moved it from her tummy to an area that had been strictly off limits before tonight. "Touch me there" is all she said. And, right before my eyes, Casey was transformed. Our kissing became more passionate and eager. I felt her tongue flicking across my mouth and she had actually grabbed the penis shaped bulge in my jeans and was rubbing it eagerly. Her hips were moving, too. Slowly, rhythmically she was quietly undulating as I teased the wondrous bulge just above where I imagined her vagina was. She'd never let me get even close to this part of her body and now she was not only letting me but letting herself enjoy it freely, too.

My cousin Lizzy dropped by last night. Casey told me when we took a break from our necking, Lizzy was two years older than Casey and much farther along the sexual exploration trail than either Casey or I. She thinks I'm too shy about sex, Casey told me. "I think you're too shy about sex too. But I have an ulterior motive" was my response. Then Casey dropped her bombshell question. "Do you, um, (long embarrassed pause) do you masturbate often? Lizzy says she does it every day!" She seemed surprised, amused even, by Lizzy's apparently other-worldly libido but then she made an admission to me we'd never spoken about before, "I do it now and then, but sometimes I feel guilty afterward. Lizzy told me I shouldn't feel that way. Do you feel guilty?" I was so shocked by her candor it took me a few seconds to gather my thoughts but eventually I told Casey that, yes, I masturbated quite frequently. Maybe not daily but many times in a week, and that, no, I didn't feel guilty at all. "Our bodies allow us that pleasure, I don't know why we shouldn't enjoy it. It doesn't hurt anyone, right?" was my observation. "My dad told me about it a long time ago, he said it was OK but strictly private" I added. "So I've never felt guilty about it at all". After another long pause Casey said, "Well, we've been talking about sex and stuff for a long time and I think maybe Lizzy is right." Ah ha! "Is that why you let me see your boobs tonite?" She admitted to me that, yes, that was why. She also admitted that doing it was actually exciting her but that she really liked the 'other' kind of play even better because that was more akin to her masturbation and it felt so much better when someone else did it for her. I made a mental note to thank Lizzie the next time we were together.

Our conversation morphed into more necking and my hand found its way back to that previously off-limits area of Casey's abdomen where I made some further effort at teasing her. She was so different this night, she really seemed to like my touch and seemed truly eager for more. "You have to promise never to tell anyone!" she demanded. Before I could agree never to reveal any of this (do you read SoloTouch Casey?) she told me to unfasten her jeans. Now, I've been surprised many times in my life, some pleasantly some not so much so, but that instant remains possibly the biggest surprise of them all. "I want to feel your touch on my skin" was all she said.

So while I busied myself trying to unbutton her very snug fitting jeans she busied herself with some further exploration of the what-she'd-done-to-me lump in my pant leg. "How does it grow so much?" she wondered out loud. "It feels so big now but you can't even see it when you're not all horny. I don't think it would fit." I told her it was too hard to hide when erect but very soft when flaccid and could be hidden easily. I didn't say anything more about it, focused as I was on all the female anatomy suddenly available for study, but was quietly thrilled with the path her thoughts seemed to be taking.

As the top of Casey?s delicate panties came into view I figured it was time for my own probing question (and believe me, probing was on my mind!), "What's it like when you do it?" "Do you orgasm every time?" "I hear it's harder for girls to orgasm, is that so?" Casey said she could reach orgasm reliably in the right circumstance, quiet, strictly private space, the right mood and so on but that she had no idea whether or not it was harder for girls than it was for guys because she didn't know anything about guy orgasms. So she turned the question around "Do you orgasm every time?" I admitted that, yes, I came virtually every time unless I was interrupted or something. "How long does it take you?" was her logical next question and I told her it depended on how horny I was, that I could make it last or I could do it quickly in just a few minutes. That seemed to satisfy her immediate curiosity. "Lizzy said it would feel very different if I let someone else do it for me. I think maybe tonite is the night I want to try." Seeing as how we were the only two people in my car I jumped to the conclusion that I was to participate in Casey's little experiment. "You really want me to help you?" I asked, not quite believing that this was actually happening. "I'm so excited to try it with someone else" was all she said.

Casey began describing how she touched herself and how it felt. I could easily feel her engorged clitoris under her skin once she told me where it was. She responded immediately when I pushed it back and forth with my fingertips. She described how it felt and how the head would be protruding under its hood now that she was so excited. She guided my fingers to the exact spot where she wanted me to concentrate my attention and tried to let herself relax enough to enjoy the moment. Her breathing became more energetic and rapid than I'd ever seen, her hips began to move more too and she began to moan quietly. I could sense her building excitement and tried to intensify the attention I was giving her pussy. My rubbing became more vigorous and her breathing and moaning sped up along with me. She managed to say something like "Oh, it's working, that feels so good." or words to that effect. And finally it was just "Oh, oh, oooohhhhhhh?.." and her hips came up completely off the seat. She clamped her hand down on mine and ground her little pussy against them both as her orgasm overcame her. She squealed and giggled and made some other unintelligible word like sounds and then, slowly, relaxed and returned to me from her orgasmic departure. We kissed for a few seconds after her breathing slowed to near normal and all she said was, "Lizzy was right."

When Casey felt around to see 'what-she'd-done-to-me' she found out what she'd done to me. "Ooo, you're all wet!" I had to admit that her excitement had been too much for me to withstand. "I wanted to see you do it too.' she said with more than a little disappointment. I told her that I'd love to show her how to do it for me but that she would have to wait for our next private time. And the story of that adventure will have to wait, too.



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