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We Love To Masturbate

Posted by: Author: Age: 67 Posted on: 2 comments
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I am 67 years old and my wife of 47 years is 65. We started dating when I was 18 years old and she was 16. Although I wanted very much to have sex with her when we were dating, she was determined to remain a virgin until after we were married. So during the time we were dating, we did a lot of masturbating. We would go to the local drive in movie and once the movie started, we would start. We would spend a lot of time kissing and feeling of each other. I would spend time feeling of and kissing her rather large tits, sucking on each nipple. By the time I would work my way down to her panties they would be soaking wet with her juice. She would take her panties off and spread her legs and I would stick a finger in her pussy. She would be so hot that all I would have to do is touch her clit and she would start having an orgasm. I would usually get her off three or four times. I would have my pants unzipped and have my dick out and I would be hard before I got close to touching her pussy. By the time I finished bringing her to several orgasms, my dick would be leaking precum.

She would then jack me off and once we cleaned up we would sit back and watch the movie. After the movie was over we would usually go get a bite to eat and then go to our favorite parking place where we would repeat the process of getting each other worked up and go through another series of orgasms. By the time I dropped her off at her house we were both well satisfied. This happened several times each week.

As was her desire, she was a virgin the night we married and now that I look back on it I am glad she insisted that she remain a virgin because it really gave us something to look forward to on our honeymoon. We had intercourse our first night as husband and wife. It was very painful for my wife and it took a couple of days before she was really able to enjoy it. Intercourse took the place of masturbation for many years, even though we would occasionally inject masturbation into our sex play.

Now that we are older, we seem to be masturbating a lot more. My wife does not lubricate as much as she once did and it seems to take more to get me off. However, orgasms are still just as enjoyable as they once were.

Nothing gets me harder than watching my loving wife lay back and take her favorite vibrator and bring herself to orgasm. She has one that is curved so that one end goes into her vagina and when pushed all the way in, the other end touches her clit. She will use some lubribation to get her pussy wet and then goes to work with her vibrator. I will usually get down between her legs and watch her get herself off. All the time I am rubbing my hard dick. Sometimes I will let her cum and then she will watch me jack off. Other times I will try and time my cumming with her orgasm. When we do this I will usually kneel between her legs and when she starts to cum I will shoot my cum all over her hand, vibrator and pussy. She also loves for me to jack off and cum on her D size tits. In fact she doesn't care where my cum lands as long as it's on or in her body.

We still have regular intercourse but do masturbate more now than we did a few years back. The first time I ever saw her pussy almost 50 years ago I was totally fascinated by it. I am just as fascinated by it today as I was the first time I saw it. We love each other very much. Not only is she my wife, she is my best friend. We do almost everything together. I am happy to say that, even at our ages, we still have sex about three times a week.



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