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In the Doctor's Office... Whew!

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I was having trouble urinating so I went to a urologist a month ago and part of my treatment was that he had his female nurse put in a urinary catheter which would allow me to urinate freely (into a bag that I would attach to my thigh). The nurse wasn't really attractive and since I was in a lot of pain I didn't find the procedure to be arousing but when the catheter went through my prostate it was an interesting feeling.

Well, that was almost a month ago and I had a recheck exam yesterday and I was not prepared for what happened.

After going for a month of not having sex or masturbating I was overly sexual. Everything I saw seemed to make me horny (more than normal) and even though I had a catheter hanging out of my cock I got hard frequently. I'd often wake up at night with a full hard-on but I was told by the doctor that it might cause a bladder infection if I were to have an orgasm since the cum would have nowhere to go.

I still enjoyed stroking my cock, that felt good, but since I shouldn't orgasm I'd go slowly and not get to that point. It was like I was edging for a month so you can imagine how badly I needed to cum.

Yesterday during my recheck exam I was partially hard when I got into the exam room and the doctor told his nurse to remove my catheter. It was the same nurse as before but today she looked a lot better.

She had me pull my pants and briefs down and lay back on the exam table (the same as I did when I got the catheter put in). I was partially hard from being so horny and I propped up on my elbows and as she leaned over I could see down the front of her scrub top and saw the lace of her bra and started getting harder. She had her hand wrapped around my cock and was applying some lube to the tip where the catheter came out and it felt very good and I moaned. She asked if it hurt I told her no.

I was fully hard now and I laid back on the exam table and imagined what it would feel like if she were to wrap her lips around my shaft, but it was all in my imagination.

I also imagined, that since she had the ointment and some KY jelly on the table, I imagined her removing the catheter and jerking me off.

Everything I was thinking was making me harder and harder and yet the room was very clinical as she remained professional.

Then she told me it might hurt as she eased the catheter out of me and as it went through my prostate I responded with a jerk like a mini orgasm. I sat up and propped again on my elbows and as she turned to put the catheter in the sink I felt the contractions of a full blown orgasm start, and before I could do anything my cock started spurting a month worth of cum. Spurt after spurt shot out and all I could do was partially apologize and also moan and grunt softly. It seemed like six or seven thick ropes of cum shot out, I've never seen me shoot anything like that and she just stood there and watched. I didn't dare look at her but closed my eyes, leaned back, and let it fly.

The next sound I heard was her saying 'You really needed that' and she gave me a handful of paper towels. I really hoped she would clean me up but she didn't offer. I was so spent I felt dizzy.

She left the room, giving me plenty of time to clean up and then her and the doctor came back in the room and the recheck exam progressed like nothing had happened.

After the exam the doctor left and the nurse stayed behind to finish some notes and give me the paperwork. She asked me how I was feeling and I told her I felt 'drained' and I kind of smiled. The first non-clinical thing happened when she winked at me and said 'I bet you do, that was very impressive'. Before I could respond she turned and left, expecting me to follow her to the exit.

I go back in two weeks so I hope she's working that day.



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