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A Best Selling Book

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Sarah and I were sitting around at my apartment, which I had lived in for about two months after moving out of my parents' house.

For a bit of background information, Sarah and I have been friends for about three years. We tell each other everything from what we had for breakfast to boyfriends. She is very confident which is a great contrast to me. Currently, we're both single.

Sarah: You know, I started a new book the other day.

Me: Cool. What's it called?

Sarah: You ever heard of Fifty Shades of Grey?

Although I hadn't read it, I had heard all about it. Including the 'naughty' parts of it.

Me: Awesome-yeah I've heard of it. It's a best-seller, isn't it?

Sarah: Yeah, and I can probably guess why...

I knew what she was going to say, I just wanted to hear it from her.

Me: Why then? Do tell!

Sarah: Well, it's got some...NAUGHTY parts!

All of a sudden I felt myself explode with laughter. We giggled for a while. All of a sudden I felt an urge to press on with talking about the book.

Me: So what's the naughty stuff? How naughty?

Sarah: Oh, full on, it's an amazing read. You know, I've never read something erotic before.

Me: I haven't read any either, do you think I'd like it?

Sarah: Well, it depends? Do you like sexy stuff?

Me: Of course! What 18 year old doesn't?

Again we giggled.

Sarah: I heard the phrase for this book is 'Mummy Porn'. It's such a turn on, this book!

Me: I bet it is! Are you turned on much by it?

Sarah: I'm turned on before I start!

I didn't know about her, but I could feel myself getting horny just by having this conversation. My heart was beating faster at any rate, and I was gradually becoming more aware of my tits.

Me: Sarah, we've told each other everything, right?

Sarah: Yeah. Why? What is it?

Me: It's just, all this talk, I'm starting to get horny!

She started roaring with laughter.

Sarah: No way! That's wild! Well, do whatever you want to do.

Me: What do you mean?

She threw a cushion at me-I caught it and tossed it away somewhere.

Sarah: Come on Phoebe, we both know what happens when a girl gets horny.

Me: Yeah I know, but I'm not doing it here, or now!

Sarah: Fine. I'll put on the TV, you go into your room. Whatever happens, we know you're going to do it.

She winked at me. To be honest, my pussy was now itching to be touched. I really needed to have a play.

Me: Okay, I might as well, as long as you promise you'll stay in here!

Sarah: Oh my days you wild thing! Masturbating while someone else is here! Go ahead, I won't disturb you!

And with that I got up and ran into my room, getting a glance at Sarah on the way-she was looking at me with those eyes saying 'I know what you're up to'-obviously she did and I could tell she liked it.

I shut my door and turned towards my bed. I stripped off one piece of clothing at a time, first my top to expose my bra and then my pants to show my panties. I jumped onto my bed which gave a massive squeak.

Sarah: Wow, you're really eager to get into this aren't you?

Must have been loud-she could hear it through the door!

I laid on my back and spread my legs, sliding my hands up and down them and breathing heavily. I took my panties off slowly then pinched my pussy lips together. I don't know why I do that, there just seems to be some sort of sensation there. I licked my fingers and started to rub, there was a great feeling of relief as well as the tingling coming from my now wet pussy.

I threw off my bra without undoing it-I was that desperate to get off. I started pinching my nipples, I started getting Goosebumps all over the upper side of my body. I had one hand rubbing my pussy and the other squeezing my tit. I started to moan, the pleasure was so incredible.

I opened my eyes to see Sarah leant up against the door, now open, smirking away.

I hastily threw the bed covers over me.

Me: Sarah what are you doing, you said you weren't going to come in here!

Sarah: I haven't gone through the door so I'm not actually in the room, babes. You look like you're enjoying yourself!

Me: Well, I was, before I saw you watching me!

Sarah: Come on, why are you so shy? Every girl does it, it's just a thing of life!

Me: I know it is, but I think it's a private thing of life!

She scoffed, walked in and sat on the bed.

Sarah: Come on, I've done it with friends before and it wasn't awkward at all. In fact we were all excited about it.

Me: But we're not doing it together, you said I should do it by myself.

Sarah: and I heard you outside and thought it would be fun to join in.

She got up and unbuttoned her jean-jacket. She then took off her t-shirt to show her bra-holding up a really nice, full on pair of perky tits.

Sarah: Go on then, get back to it. I'll catch up.

I slowly pulled back the covers and little by little revealed more and more of my body as she took off her clothes.

We just sat for a while on my bed, naked, looking at each other's bodies. She's taller than me, slim build her tits perky and her nipples slightly puffed. I'm smaller, slender, my tits are small and my nipples pointy.

Sarah: Your body's so sexy-I could jill to this all day long.

Me: To be honest I didn't know being here with someone else would be such a turn on-shall we start?

Sarah: Let's! I want to cum!

We moved around the bed so I was sat up against the headboard of the bed and she was sat opposite, sat against the other board. We spread our legs so our feet were touching and our legs formed a sort of diamond shape.

I licked my fingers and started from where I left off, my pussy was really wet now-I could see Sarah was too. She started by getting two fingers and putting them straight into herself. She was moving them in and out slowly-I was just rubbing at this point, I see it as a sort of warm up before I enter myself.

As I said, we tell each other everything. That includes our masturbation habits. We both do it every day, normally while watching porn, which I adore-living alone I am able to watch it with no shame! She loves to finger her ass, something I'm not a fan of.

So finally I decided to enter. I lubed up two fingers, opened up my pussy and slowly inserted my fingers. It felt so right. I moaned and looked over to Sarah who had three fingers buried in her pussy; she was now wildly thrusting them into herself. I loved watching her, she could make a porn film herself she looked so good! It really helped get me off quicker.

Finally, she looked over at me and I knew she was going to cum. The incredible noises she was making told me that. She groaned so loudly as she got closer and closer and then I saw her back spasm into an arch as she let go and had an amazing orgasm. It was a joy to watch.

Soon, it was my turn. She had told me that she wanted to see me finish as it would give her plenty of things to think about when she did it later. I made sure that as I felt myself getting closer and closer I kept eye contact with her as she watched me explode. Oh, the joys of an orgasm! I let go of myself and let my body spasm in reaction to the earth shattering feelings that were going all through it. I squeezed my eyes shut and moaned in orgasmic delight. It was one of the best I've ever had, even to this day.

Sarah: I think we need to do this more often together!

As we sat naked on my bed, I couldn't have agreed more.



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