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School Rope

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Imagine…..Catholic Convent school. PE department run by two, ancient, craggy-faced, foul-smelling nuns. You couldn’t imagine a less sexy environment. 

And an old-fashioned gym as well. Wall bars that we were made to hang from, legs straight out in front of us for any misdemeanour….and a row of ropes that were pulled out from the wall on a chain, thick with ancient, black grease. The ropes had a metal ferrule at the top and climbing a rope entailed having to touch the ferrule. 


Me? I couldn’t do-ordinate my hands and legs enough to get very high off the ground. That said, being up there was a damn site better than being down here, having to smell their coffee and nicotine rancid breath, so one day I really went for it. 



I managed, much to everyone’s surprise to get up the bloody thing. I grabbed the ferrule for the mandatory count of ten, then began a gravity-assisted decent - with the rope between my legs. Each bump in the rope brought a stronger tingle, and a third of the way down, I felt wetness. Half way down, I was bursting for a pee. The last third, I came hard in my panties. 



Rope climbing and orgasms became a ‘thing’ for me, not least because I was effectively masturbating in plain sight. I wasn’t the only girl who came on those ropes, and although the Good Sister tried to teach us a method of coming down that kept the rope far from our crotches, (hmm….maybe they had experienced a rope orgasm in their lives? Ugh…what a thought! Or maybe they were just jealous,) we never quite managed it. 



Around 11-12-13, girls start asking their friends covertly, “Have you started yet?” My group asked one another “Did you?” Meaning, “Did you cum on the ropes?” 



Those old ropes were almost black with age, and the skinned palms of many who almost fell off them. They were also impregnated with sweat too….but I wondered…..if my super sense of smell was put to work, among the grime, would I be able to smell the scent of girl cum? I never tried, but I bet I could have! 




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