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Sarah.....a Friend From School

Sarah is a friend from school. She is dizzy, and ditzy. She's kind, and mad, and as sexual as they come. This is something she told me when she had just turned 16.


Sarah used to go dancing, and she fancied anything with a cock. Young, old, Sarah didn't mind. Trouble was, Sarah still hadn't managed to get her cherry popped although, God knows, she'd tried! 

She had copped off with one of the musicians. He had taken her to his room in the hotel where the dances were held and in seconds they were snogging. He undid her blouse, and her bra and was soon sucking on her tits which, Sarah said, "made me cream my panties" 

Then, he had reached up her skirt. "I fucking realised I still had the same panties on I wore all day at school! They were hardly sexy! They were plain white cotton panties and were sweaty. I wanted him to finger me, but I was sweaty as fuck down there a well. Oh, but his fingers were good! But then, you know what he did? He got his cock out and put it right up against my cunt!  I was scared he'd get me pregnant, but on the other hand, I really wanted it up me. I wanked him and he was big! And I mean BIG. I can't imagine getting something that huge inside me, but hell a girls gotta try. Right?" 

What Sarah didn't realise was that all the time she was telling me this, her hand was in her knickers. Suddenly she let out an "Ooooh!" And she came, right in front of me. Oh Clairea,

Now, remember, at the time she told me this. We were both virgins. Anything sexual was....er....sexual. It doesn't take much to make a pair of panties wet at that age! I suppose guys live in a permanent state of semi hardness, and most of the girls I know lived in a state of buzzy clits and damp knicks. 

Sarah was really embarrassed when she realised that she had been touching herself over her knickers and that it had brought her off, but it didn't surprise me at all! She had got the nearest any of us had got to a real cock being in her. 

Two Weeks Later. 

Two weeks later, Sarah was in my room again. This time, she looked different. There was a change about her. She was, well, glowing. There's no other word.

"He took me back to his room again, but this time I was better prepared. I had my special panties on. The ones my mum doesn't know I've got. They are black an Lacey. Just wearing them is like having a cum. Anyway, we snogged, he fingered me like last time, and then he took my knickers right off. They were already so wet they were almost transparent. He put them in his pocket and said he would keep them. Then I straddled him. Oh, he had taken his trousers down by this time and his cock was pointing straight up. I sat on him and felt him pushing against my hole! You know, RIGHT there. (I didn't know, but I could well Imagine) tThen there was a little stab of, well,not pain exactly, it just felt like it had caught on something. And then he was slippigpngmright inside me. Oh Claire! I felt like I was being filled up! Then we were doing it! Fucking! It felt way better than frigging my clit, but also, I guess my clit was rubbing against his pubes. Anyway...." At this point, I stopped her and asked her to hang on a second. I took my panties off, and spread my legs. Then I told her to keep talking.

"We were just like that. I was rocking on his cock, and I could feel him deep inside me. REALLY deep inside me.then he made me stand up and told me that this was not good enough for a first time. He took all my clothes off and then he stripped. He lay me on the bed and got between my legs. Then he fucked me again. Oh Claire. If before was good, this was even fucking better! I felt like a woman...like a slut. I wanted to spread my legs as wide as I could, I wanted to hook them around his back. I came on hismcock twice! Then he told me he was close as fuck too. I didn't want him to stop, but I didn't want to get pregnant either. So I told him that I was on the pill! He held tight and I felt him pumping in me. When I stood up, his cum ran down my legs."

As she was telling me this, I was masturbating. My clit got a work out like never before, and for the first time, I actually ached to have something  inside me! Sarah was also masturbating by this time, and we came together. 

I loved hearing about my friends sexual experiences, but Sarah was the first one to get fucked. She did it several more times with this guy before the inevitable happened, and they got caught mid shag. Her mum, who was super religious went mental, and the guy concerned moved away. 

Sarah didn't get pregnant, but it was pure luck. 



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