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My Turn On The Bucking Saddle

Posted by: Age: 41 & 39 Posted on: 24 comments
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This is my experience on The Bucking Saddle. If you haven't read Kristine's (Shygirlsbabe) story 'The Bucking Saddle' you should read it first. 

With Kristine still laying on the floor in a quivering heap of post orgasmic bliss I decide its time for me to take this new toy for a ride. 


Even though I've just had 2 fantastic orgasms (damn I'm glad I can have multiple orgasms) I'm still hornier than hell from what I've just witnessed. 



So I crawl over to the machine, throw my leg over and climb on. 



I start out on the first vibration speed as I lower myself down. As my vagina touches the 'saddle' I immediately get a pleasant shock from my clit, up my spine to my brain and it causes me to cry out "Hell yeah"



Once settled into the feeling of this I turn it up to 2 and toss Kristine the remote "now I know why you preferred me to be in charge of the remote. There's no way to concentrate on both"



Kristine laughs and said "I told you, just wait you haven't seen anything yet"



Even on 2 this thing is Vibrating me from my toes to the top of my head, I can't imagine what 3 is going to be like. Let alone what it's going to be like with one of the attachments and the thrusting mode going (with its 10 thrusting speeds, oh hell) 



As Kristine is changing the vibration patterns so I can get a feel for each one of them I find one I really enjoy (coincidentally I find it later it's the same pattern she was using) and ask her to leave it there. 



After a few minutes of humping and grinding on this Vibrating monster I feel an orgasm approaching so I brace myself. 



The closer it gets the more I can feel it's going to be a big one. The problem is its really dragging out and ramping even higher. 



Once it hits me  I bet I did look like I was riding a Bucking horse the way I was thrashing around, head thrown back, humping it with all I had, moaning like I thought I was going to die. 



Once my orgasm started to subside I raised up off the saddle to collect myself a minute and that's when I noticed Kristine laughing hysterically. 



"OMG I wish we had that on video" she said "I have never seen anything so funny yet so fucking sexy at the same time"



"Holy shit that was intense" I said



"Want me to shut it off" she asked



"As you told me, fuck no, turn it up" I responded as I lowered myself down for another round. 



As I begin to ride it again Kristine spreads her knees apart and starts touching herself. I can tell she's still a little sensitive but that isn't going to stop her. 



"I just wanted to make sure I could handle this" She says as she gets up and stands in front of me, legs spread like she had me standing earlier.



I pull her down for a nice passionate kiss before sucking and flicking her pierced nipple for a few seconds and then I have her stand back up. 



I gently bury my face between her legs, running my tongue up and down her slit, drinking in a mixture of her juices, her girl cum and a little residual of her squirt from her ride. Wow, what a delightful mixture those tastes are. 



I start to feel my next orgasm starting to build as I suck her clit and flick my tongue across it still trying to be gentle on her already over stimulated button. 



But to my surprise she pushes her hips harder into my face and says "suck me harder, I'm going to cum"



When she said that I lost all control and began impaling my mouth on her clit. 



As her orgasm ran through her mine felt like it ran over me. 



I bet that would have been quite a site to see. Her humping my face like she was trying to rub the skin off it and me grinding and humping the vibrating mass between my knees as we both moan hard and loud. 



We're both cumming and squirting heavily as she says "don't stop, I want to cum again".



So, I obey and keep attacking her genitals as the big black box keeps attacking mine. 



It isn't long at all before we are both in the throws of another orgasm only this time I can't help but to turn loose off Kristine, roll off the sybian onto my side and jam my fingers between my thighs and jill myself to another squirting, cumming mess of an orgasm.



Kristine has dropped to her knees, slipped her hand between her thighs and is rubbing herself into oblivion also. 



Once our orgasms subside enough for us to pull our hands away Kristine turns the power off and lays in the floor with her head next to mine. 



"Holy shit my twats going to be sore, red and swollen for a month after this" Kristine jokingly says barely able to catch her breath



"I wouldn't doubt it at all" I respond



After we lay there trying to recover best we can for 20 or 30 minutes I look at her and say "want to play rock,paper,scissors to see who gets to clean this mess up"



"Are you crazy, I always lose that game" she responded "you helped make the mess you help clean it up"



We finally get up, go to the restroom to pee and wipe ourselves up a bit before going out and cleaning up the living room. 



"It looks like a tsunami has been through here" she jokingly says as we are cleaning up. 



Once that is cleaned up we jump in the shower before hitting the bed for a well deserved nap. 



As awesome as this thing is by itself I can't imagine how it's going to feel with the thrusting attachments. Maybe next time. 



P.S. @Jessicarabbit88 you've got to come try this thing out, bring Amanda too lol




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