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Playful Romping on the Couch

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A large sectional means room to romp


Hello. This is Martha. I've written before quite a few months ago. Since that time there have been happenings in my house but I have not had time to write. There are a few incidents to relate but I don't want to make a long story so I will describe the most recent and maybe later I can write about the others.

I mentioned before that my daughter, Tina, had a friend, Cindy, who I felt some vibes around but it was not really expressed so I had to guess. My guessing is now over! Recently she was over with my daughter for the weekend. I was out in the morning and came home on Saturday afternoon to find them in the kitchen making lunch. They were both dressed in just camis and panties. Nothing more. I'm sure my surprise could be seen on my face. I'm hoping that my delight was not as apparent. They both seemed a little embarrassed that I'd walked in on them like this but it's not like I caught them doing something wrong. I told them that I could see they were taking 'casual' to another level and laughed to break any tension. I also told them that it was ok by me however they wanted to dress around the house but said that if my son or any other boys were around they must be more dressed. I thought I caught a glance from Cindy, but I just wasn't sure. I stayed in the kitchen area with them while they finished making lunch, marveling to myself how cute they both were. Then they took their food and went to Tina's room to eat.

Later that night after dinner the three of us were on the sofa watching tv. Actually it's a full sectional and honestly ever since I got it it seems to be a magnet for people getting on and hanging out together. We were sitting with Tina in the middle and Cindy and I on the sides. They had in the meantime put on some clothes. I had the remote. At one point they got bored and wanted to change channels but I did not. Tina grabbed the remote from me and before I could grab it back she tucked it unto her arms and held it close. It was going to be a game. I leaned over and started tickling her by rubbing her ribs. She's very sensitive to this and quickly her arms unfolded but before I could get the remote Cindy had grabbed it.

I was not comfortable being too physical with Cindy but still reached across Tina and was able to grab Cindy's arm and pull it towards me where I could reach her hand with the remote. I got it out and held it but then the two of them ganged up to get it back. Tina started trying to tickle me and Cindy got up and came over to the other side of me. Pretty soon I was doubled over laying on the couch trying to protect the remote while their hands were trying to get it back. This went on for a little while and I have to say I enjoyed the attention.

I got back up to a sitting position and tried to tuck it close to me by holding it between my legs. Just then Tina pulled me over towards her and I tried to hold it up away from them as I was leaning over. Tina's attention was on my outstretched hand. Cindy was trying to lean over me. As I stretched out my legs came apart slightly and I felt her hand go right between them. It rested on the couch between my legs but I could feel her wrist right up against my crotch. I don't know if it was accidental on her part or on purpose but it kind of took my breath away.

As she pulled her hand away her palm turned so that her finger tips rubbed against my pussy (I was wearing yoga tights) and she gave a little squeeze and rested there for a moment. I gently pushed into her hand. Then she took her hand away and continued trying to get the remote. Nothing was said and no eye contact was made but it was a definite moment. I could not keep up the fight after that and let them have the remote. I was crazy with excitement and I spent the rest of the TV time thinking about it. I don't know what she felt but after a while I excused myself for bed and spent a good long time masturbating while thinking about her. I hope she's over for a 'casual' Saturday again sometime soon.



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