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Sarah, That Brief Night

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This is what happened on the stopover in Sydney


Oh dear. This is going to be a bumpy landing. From beautiful, tropical weather up in Cairns, to dark, ominous skies, windy, raining like mad, Sarah is going to have her hands full with this. 

I listen into the airport ATIS. The winds are just a nays whisker below a first officers licence privileges. I take a look at Sir. He doesn't look the sort to,offer any help whatsoever, but DOES look the kind who will report to the chief pilot if he thinks she hasn't done a good enough job. It's going to be a crosswind landing to. So, bumpy as all hell, sideways down finals, and an assymetric touchdown. 

Even though I'm not flying, I feel that familiar knot in my stomach. 

A massive gust of air hits us as we turn left base. Sarah is visibly sweating. Her feet are working the rudder pedals hard. Turning finals now, nose is about 15degrees starboard of the runway. Wheels,down and three greens, one hand on the throttles, geez, this is hard work. Finally a thump as the starboard mains hit the surface, then the port, then nose down and reverse thrust. Shit...she's good.

And all Sir did was nod. Bastard!

Booking off was done fast...really fast, and taxi to the hotel. We chatted, but I was really interested in the smell,of hot, sweaty woman that filled th cab carrying with it her pheromones! By the time we reached the hotel, I was ready to cum again.

I desperately tried to think of some way of keeping her in her uniform, then it hit me....I'd order room service! We agreed on steak and chips with peppercorn sauce, no alcohol,sadly.....very early start tomorrow.

Meanwhile she shed her jacket, and WHAM....that scent again! I used to love hot sweaty girl in the gym at school, I loved hot sweaty hormonal girl at school, and damnit, I love it still. 

We small talked while we waited for the food, and while eating. Afterwards, she said she must jump in the shower.

I said good,idea, I could do,with one too. And to my delight, she invited me in!

What a fucking body! Lean, firm, smaller tits than me, BOTH nipples pierced, four little,stars on her left shoulder, and a large tribal tattoo on her lower back. Around the front, totally, and I guessed right, totally smooth. Not a hint of a hair. I glanced down and said,"wow...I wish I could keep that smooth" she said she had paid a fortune for electrolysis. (Knew it!) because she hated sticky pubes.....don't we all?

There was no attempt to,touch in the shower, just the ocassional bump into each other. So I started talking about boyfriends. Turned out the has a fiancée. (Fuck!) then she asked me. (Deep breath) I told her no fiancée, no boyfriend but.......I like both boys and girls. 

She was silent for a second, and I wondered if I'd fucked up by taking the shower before telling her that. Sarah asked why I hadn't "tried it on" with her in th shower. I told her it doesn't work like that.

Again silence. Then "I've thought about experimenting with another girl. Actually, I masturbate thinking about it sometimes." Another silence. (Me) "would you like to try it?"

By way of response, Sarah just nodded.

In that second, I decided three things. One was stop the moment she looked uncomfortable. Two was never mind about me...this was about her, and third, I would treat her like a virgin which, in this respect, she was. 

I pulled her gently to her feet, held her face, and kissed her. Briefly at first,then longer and deeper. I let her tongue find mine, and waited for her hand to find its way inside my robe before opening hers. Sarah's hands held my breasts, and soon her mouth followed her fingers. She kissed my nipple, sucked it, then bit it.....hard! 

I slipped the robe off her shoulders and moved her to the bed, kissing down her flat tummy to that smooth mound below. And it was totally smooth. Her vaginal lips parted to reveal a clitoral piercing with which my tongue danced before exploring the moist cave below. Sarah was arching her back, and mouthing soft obscenities into the air.

My fingers found her hole and traveled slowly inside. I found her g spot and caressed it.Sarah immediately tensed and came, gushingly onto my fingers and into my face. Fucking hell....I wish I could squirt like that. It was a hugely powerful jet, and it came with friends!

As we got into it, Sarah asked to be spanked.....hard.....(told you she liked pain), and she must have had eight orgasms before she turned her attention to me.

She asked if there was anything I would really like. (Yes please...I'd like to be fucked by the entire Australian rugby team...at the same time) I said I wanted to wear her shirt and knickers. She understood immediately and let me put them on.

It was clear that she had never been with another girl before, but she just did to me what she likes herself. Result? I learned that I like pain too. I've never had my clit pinched and slapped before, neither have I had my nipple bitten almost to the point of drawing blood, but holy crap....it made me cum.

We ended the night sleeping together wearing each other's dirty knickers from the night before.

I went to my room around 4:00am to get ready for the crew coach to,pick us up at 5:00, and now, I'm back in Cairns again.....


.......but I'm still wearing her knickers!




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