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My Friend Helps Me Touch Myself For The First Time

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My friend in school introduced me to masturbation, porn, and dirty talk!


I guess I was a late bloomer.  I didn't even kiss a boy until I was 16.  And I had never touched myself.

Back before the days of Blockbuster video, video stores were little mom and pop shops, and just about every single one had an "adult" section.  At our local video place, it had a little door that you needed to be buzzed into, like you were some secret agent or something.  I always wondered about the videos in there, but was never really sure.  But one day, I had a chance to find out.

I was at a friend's house, and she had her own TV and VCR in her room (I remember thinking she was rich).  They had a large library of movies in her house, everything from G rated to R.  There were 2 VCR's in her living room, and her parents would rent movies, and copy them - not exactly legal.  One day after school at my friend's house, she said conspiratorially, "Hey, have you ever seen a dirty movie?"  Of course I hadn't.  She asked me if I wanted to.  I asked her, "How?  We can't rent one!"

It seemed that her folks liked to rent the occassional porno.  One day while snooping around, she found one they had rented.  Her parents never got home before 5:30, so she made herself a copy, and had hidden it in her room.  I had always been curious about what happened in those movies.  I'd seen a few R-rated movies, but that was it.

She pulled it out from her hiding place, under the edge of the carpet in her closet, with shoes right on top of it.  And popped it into her VCR, making me promise not to tell anyone.

It was somewhere right in the middle of the movie, I remember, and as soon as it came on, there was a guy licking a girls pussy, in close-up.  I was shocked.  Those tame R-rated movies hadn't prepared me for that!  The girl on-screen seemed to be really enjoying it, judging by the noises she was making.  He suddenly stopped, walked up and she started to suck his cock, and then ANOTHER woman entered and resumed going down on the girl.

This was all new to me, my parents hadn't really given me much in the way of sex-ed except the basics: penis in vagina, male ejaculates, and that's how babies are made.  Sex for fun or pleasure had never really crossed my mind.  And although in some of the racier R-rated movies, I'd gotten a weird tingle between my legs, I'd ignore it and it would go away.   Right now, the tingle was there full force.  I shifted a bit, and my friend asked, "Are you getting horny?"

Was I?  Is that what that was?

"It's ok," she told me.  "If you need to get off, it won't bother me.  I do it all the time."

Like I said, I'd been somewhat sheltered, so I wasn't really sure about...well, anything.  I just kind of sat there, and I'm sure my face was bright red.  My friend asked me, "Don't you masturbate?"
I'd heard that word, usually accompanied by the phrase, "good girls don't".  Well, I was a good girl, and didn't know how to anyway.  I just kind of shook my head, and my friend was shocked.  I embarrassingly admitted that I didn't know how.  My friend said, "It's easy, I'll show you."

We were still in our school uniforms, so she stood and just took off her panties, and sat up against the headboard of her bed, skirt pushed up around her waist.  She spread her legs and started to run her fingers up and down along her slit.  "See?  You just stroke yourself, it feels nice.  Take your panties off and try it."
I was doubly excited now, by both the movie playing and watching my friend touching herself.  I took off my panties and sat next to her. Opening my legs, I put my fingers on my pussy and told her, "It's wet."
"That's good, it means you're turned on."

So there we sat.  I kept my eyes on the screen and kept stroking up and down.  I noticed my friend's breathing was getting heavier and looked over.  Her fingers were now moving in circles.  Seeing me looking, she said, "You need to play with your clit, then you can cum really hard."  Seeing my confusion, she rolled her eyes.  "Don't you even know where your clit is?"  I shook my head no.

"Here, let me show you," she said, kneeling between my legs.  She moved my hand away, and gently spread my pussy lips apart.  "Wow, you're REALLY wet," she told me.  She probed between my lips a bit and then touched  something that make my body jerk.  "There it is," she said softly.  Instead of letting me do it, she said, "Let me do this for you, then you'll know next time."  I was more than happy to do that, she obviously knew what she was doing.

I  leaned my head back while she gently manipulated my clit with two fingers.  She muttered, "You're drying out a bit," and licked her fingers, then pressed them against my clit, watching my face for a reaction.  She smiled and said, "Feels good when I touch you, doesn't it?"  I told her yes.  Using her other hand, she rubbed it across one of my tits, and when the nipple got hard, she started gently flciking it over and over, making me gasp and moan.

The scene on the TV had changed, and now there was a girl with her fingers inside herself, pumping furiously.  My friend looked at it over her shoulder then told me, "You're not ready for that yet. But you will be."
I started to rock against her hand and she said, "You like it?  You want it faster and harder?  Tell me."
I managed to get out, "Yes, faster and harder."

She pressed her fingers more firmly against me and sped up, and told me, "You like that, you dirty little bitch?"

To my surprise, I liked it a lot when she said that, and replied, "God yes!"  She kicked her dirty talk into high gear, calling me a bitch and a whore, her filthy little friend.  "I can tell how much you like it, you're little pussy is dripping.  You'd better cum soon," she told me.  And I did when she pinched my nipple and called me a nasty slut.

I let out a moan I'd never heard before, my legs shaking and back arching over and over.  I felt like I was flying.  I finallly came down, my friend smirking at me, and licking my juice off of her fingers, except for one.  She held her finger out to me, saying, "Taste yourself," and I did.

Later that night at home after my parents went to bed,  I probed around under the blankets between my legs and found my clit.  I rubbed at it gently, marveling at how hard the little button got and how good it made me feel.  I got myself off several times that night, pressing my lips together and my face into my pillow to keep from making noise.

My friend and I masturbated together almost regularly until she moved away senior year.  Ever since then, I've never been able to keep my hands off myself for more than a few days.  As time went on, I tried other things, humping pillows and the like, and once I lost my virginity, I was using hot dogs, carrots, cucumbers, anything I could get my hands on. 

I am so thankful for my friend for teaching me all those years ago, and I still love dirty talk!



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