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Retirement Community

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My kids wanted me to move to a retirement community.


My kids convinced me that I should sell the big old house and get a little town home in this new retirement community. They helped me move, and after I was settled, they went back to their homes, one in California and one in Texas. Here I was in Florida, all by myself because all of my friends have passed away.

Nancy, my sex buddy of many years, was put in a nursing home with dementia four months ago and my sex life was reduced to jerking off, which I did every day.

The first week in the new town home was spent getting all the furniture arranged and my knick knacks set the way I wanted them. On my first Sunday in my new house, there was a knock on my door. I answered it to find an elderly lady with a cake in her hand.

'Hi! I see you just moved in, so I thought I would come over and welcome you in. My name is Carol.'

She was about five foot three inches and weighed about 150. She had nice gray hair and a nice rack of tits. She wore a sweater and a skirt that was just below her knees. I welcomed her in and took the cake to the kitchen. 'How about a cup of coffee and some cake?' I asked.

'Sounds good,' she replied.

I got us set up with the coffee and sat in the chair across from her. 'Have you met any of the girls yet?' she asked.

'No,' I replied, 'you are the first person that I have met.'

'I'm surprised. I thought those horny women would be all over you by now, being as you are one of the only single men here, and the other one can't get it up any more. Oops, sorry. I didn't mean anything. By the way, can you still get it up?'

I was floored by the question, but answered, 'I don't have any problem in that department.'

'Good!' she replied. 'Let me tell you about the other girls.'

As she talked, her skirt rode up until I had a wonderful view. She didn't have any panties on. She had a hairy pussy, and I couldn't help looking. My dick started to rise as she talked. I thought how I would love to bury my face in it.

'Let's start with Sharon. She lives across the street. She is very overweight and very horny. She will come over and offer to help you with anything you want. I heard she gives a good hand job and loves to give head. Nancy, your next door neighbor, will probably attack you and so will Bobby down the street.'

By now, my dick was hard as a rock from looking at that pussy. As she shifted in her seat, her legs spread more, on purpose if you ask me. She looked over and said 'My, I see you can still get it up. Did I cause that?'

'What did you expect with that pussy staring me in the eye?'

'Well, would you like to come over here and let me feel that thing?'

I didn't need another invitation. I sat next to her where she grabbed my dick and rubbed it through my pants with her hand while we talked. I was in heaven! As she rubbed, I slid my hand up under her skirt until I had a hand full of wet pussy and started to play with it.

'Damn, I haven't had my cunny played with in a few years. Don't stop.'

'Honey, I won't stop till you cum on my fingers so I can lick up your juice.'

'You better be careful. When I come, I squirt!'

'I can handle what ever you produce.'

I continued to work her pussy. She had unbuckled my pants and taken out my dick and was stroking it to beat the band. She started to moan and with her free hand pulled up her sweater and popped one tit out of her bra and was fingering the nipple. With my free hand, I popped the other one out of her bra and started to suck on it. She pulled the tit she was holding up and started to suck it also. I was getting close to shooting my wad and I guess she was, too, as she was humping my hand. Finally, she stiffened up, screamed and came with a torrent of cunt juice. My hand was soaked, but I didn't care because I was shooting cum all over my belly.

When we finally came down, she got up and with her tits still out of her bra, bent down and licked the cum off my hands and belly. When she sat down, she had a smile on her face and said, 'Welcome to the neighborhood.'

I started to lick her cum off of my hand. 'If you like that, next time I come over, I'll give you a lot more.'

After she got herself presentable, I walked her to the door and told her how much I enjoyed her welcome. She said for me to wait till the girls heard about this. She bet I would be receiving a lot more welcomes. With that, she left.

To be continued...



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