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What a View of Oregon

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After we packed up from camping in the mountains, we drove to Karen’s house and continued our exploration of the relationship we began by chatting online about masturbation.


That night, she invited me to sleep in her bed.  Spooning her as we fell asleep after another long session of kissing on the couch ensured that I’d have a firm erection pressed between her butt cheeks screened only by my boxer briefs and her pink panties.  My hand cupped one breast through her silk chemise. 

Karen woke me in the morning by rolling over and putting her leg across me and nuzzling my neck as I slept on my back. I responded by turning to face her, kissing her forehead, and slipping my leg between her thighs to press against her warm crotch. I stroked her back, reaching far down to her butt, fondling the cheek around the edges of the panty, making her wake and warm up. Soon her crotch was warmer and getting wet on my, thigh. I tried to roll her on her back and then move on top to kiss but Karen objected, “Hey, let me be on top this time.  I like being on top.”

I complied, gladly. She straddled me and sat up,  her groin pressed firmly on my hardening penis. She smiled down at me, her nipple poking through the chemise. Wiggling her butt, I felt her lips part so my cock rested between them and shortly after her increasing wetness soaked through our underwear. Next, Karen took my hands and interlaced her fingers with mine, pushed my hands up over my head and leaned down nose to nose. “Now you're mine.”

Karen held my hands so I couldn't move, we kissed,  and her nipples skewered my chest in a most sexy way. Then she began working her hips so her pussy moved against my shaft and her breathing quickened. It seemed that as she found her sweet spot, she would suck in air quickly, or her body would flinch, and soon my cock was bathed in her wetness. So wonderful. I could even smell her. After quite some time with this oral tongue play of kissing, which was among the sexiest I've ever had, almost copulation in its own right, she let my hands go, wrapped her arms around me,  buried her face on my shoulder and really started to hump me like crazy. I could see over her and her cute, pink panty cover ass was rocking like crazy.

“Fuuuuck…er… damn…. Fuck.” she gasped into my ear. She lay perfectly still for several minutes but her pussy kept twitching across my shaft. Finally she rolled off and stood up,  walked away to the picture window, and opened the drapes wide to let in the bright morning sunshine. I thought she was upset so I slipped behind her and held her.

“Are you ok?” I whispered.

“I'm fine,  just embarrassed because we said no sex and I lost control.”

“I don't think that was sex, after all I didn't, well, you know,” I replied. She turned around and pushed me back to look at the soaked front of my boxers and to see my very aroused penis tenting them outward.

“That's all me? Want me to wash them for you?”

“Yes it's all you but I love that.  And, you don't need to wash them. I may keep them forever to smell your scent.” I blushed.

“Eww, you're a panty sniffer.  Your gross,” she teased with a smile. “I bet you're even so gross you'd lick it if I let you.”

Well for, that moment the adventure was over because the phone rang, then she realized she was late to feed the horses,  and the day was off and running. So, I decided to go for a run, too,  and hope I could get over the sexual frustration that way. Six miles helped a little and I almost tried to jerk off in the shower when I got back but decided the relationship would be fostered if I hurried instead and did the rest of her chores while she went to work briefly to deal with that early morning phone call.

That night,  we spent a lot of time talking, holding hands,  sitting outside and watching the sunset until dark, and then talking more while in each other's arms until bedtime. Then, she sat us up and looked into my eyes. “I want you to sleep in, the guest room and not because I don't like you.  I do like you.  Too much. If we sleep together, I'll end up fucking you.  I don't want to fuck you.  I did that with the last man I let into my life and I messed up the relationship with guilt and regret and that fucked us both.  I don't want to fuck you; I want to make love and then be thrilled we did someday when we're in love and committed and married. Can you handle that?”

I reassured her that I could understand and agreed and loved her need to be moral and careful. She held my hand and walked me to my room. She looked puzzled, “Will you masturbate?” I asked if she would and she said she needed to not do that tonight to clear her head.

“Then I won't touch myself either, “ I told her. “I'll leave my penis alone.”

“Good, or I'll be jealous,” Karen said, winking.

I slept fitfully with dreams of her.

Flash forward to the next afternoon and Karen said, “How about giving me one of those massages you bragged about? My body's sore from the chores and stuff.”

I eagerly agreed, saying I'd get the oil ready in the kitchen. She asked if she could wear her bikini and I consented but said I could also drape her but she didn't want that. I made up a place for her to lay in the living room where the view of the mountains through the wall of windows was just awesome. When she came out the skimpy swimsuit could not contain her cute butt, her trimmed bush, nor her breasts.  Yummy. She told me she felt naked next to me in all my clothing and said the oil would ruin my pants. “How much should I take off? I mean so you're comfortable but we don't cross any boundaries that make you uneasy?” I asked.

She told to just wear my underwear.  So,  for an hour I massaged her thoroughly, lovingly,  slowly, achingly. As I finished with her head, she opened her eyes and stared into mine.  “I feel very loved, very close to you. Lay with me.” We snuggled another long while and my hardness pressed her all the while. She started to sit up and I reluctantly let her go but just lay there myself. She stretched, seated and looking out her wall of windows at the green Oregon mountains in the distance, then said, “I'm needing to go to my room for a while.” She rose and turned and looked down at my face,  then the tent in my briefs, a large dark grey spot dominated the front. 

“That wetness has to be all yours this time.  You need to release the pent up energy. So do I. You can lay here where you've made me feel so good and I’ll use my vibrator on my bed. Let me go get you a towel.” A few minutes later she came back in her robe, towel in hand. Dropping it on my face as a tease, she then held up her bikini bottoms after I uncovered my face. “Would you like to have these to sniff?  They're very moist.” I told her it was a silly thing to ask and again she dropped the bottoms on my face, “Enjoy!” 

After removing my briefs and applying oil, I took my time to stroke, imagining her and smelling her. The view of Oregon in the distance was inspiring so I took my time. Finally I'd built up enough and let my cum fly all over. Less than a minute later, I heard Karen clear her throat in the hallway. “You've finished?” her sheepish voice called out.

“I'm, yes, yeah, did you?” I replied as I started wiping my cum off my chest, groin, and, thighs.

“Yes, twice, it was so easy to climax, so fast too, so I've been hanging out waiting to cuddle after. Would that be ok? I need the emotional part as much as the cumming.” I said I'd love to and heard, “Wonderful. When you've wiped off just please cover your dick with that towel and tell me so I can quit pretending and come out.”

I did so, she came and lay down next to me, opening her robe so our skin was pressed warmly together all along. Only where my groin was covered did her leg thrown across me not touch flesh. She even covered me with her robe. Her soft hair felt great as her head rested on my chest. I heard sniffing and suddenly she moved up on her elbow,looked me in the eyes, sniffed the air.

“Do you smell fresh bread dough? Yeasty bread smell?” Karen asked. Then she sniffed my chest, then further down my belly, then touched the towel and pressed a wet spot, and then sniffed right there, then lifted the towel to her nose and inhaled deeply. “That's your semen. You smell like fresh bread dough. I love fresh bread smell. I can't wait to be able to see how it smells and maybe tastes someday.”

Laying there until sunset, I admired that view and all the possibilities of a future with Karen.



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