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Our Second Orgasms Together

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After our first fully nude mutual masturbation session, we were both eager for our next date.

I got home from work, showered and freshly shaved my legs.  I was about to trim or shave my pubic hair, but I remembered how much he liked it the other night.  It wasn't something I felt comfortable asking over text yet, so I decided to leave the hair be and ask him that evening if things went that way again.  I didn't know if he was just being nice or if he genuinely enjoyed it.



Owen came over that evening, and I made rigatoni for dinner, which was our first date in, rather than going to a restaurant.  He helped to make salads and set the table while we chatted away.  I couldn't focus on much conversation-wise.  My mind was racing, and my heart was beating almost out of my chest.  It seemed that neither of us had much of an appetite for food.  He pulled me close in the kitchen, and we shared a long kiss.  Then another kiss.  And now deeply kissing.  I asked him if we could put dinner in the fridge, which he replied with an immediate "yes". 





I excused myself for just a minute and ran upstairs.  I came back with a couple of towels, and he replied "Good thinking".  We stood in the living room kissing and touching each other.  I removed his shirt first and used my fingers to go down the length of his chest.  My arms raised up as he removed my shirt.  Owen kissed my neck as he undid my bra as I was reaching peak arousal.  As my bra made its way off my arms and to the floor, he moved his mouth's attention to my right nipple while he squeezed the left.  He swirled his tongue around the nipple, nibbled a little bit, and then gently sucked.  He then switched and did the same to the left.  I gripped the back of his head, pulling him in close.





Still standing, he pulled my shorts down, and I stepped out of them.  I was now only in my lavender bikini-cut undies.  I undid his belt and his shorts.  They fell to the ground in a similar fashion, and he stepped out.  Owen was wearing trunk-style undies again, which this time were candy apple red.  His erect penis pushed hard against the fabric.  My fingertips traced over his bulge and balls, ending with a few fingers massaging the head.  I attempted to pull his undies down, but his penis gave some resistance.  I had to pull the band out and over before they would come down.  His cock sprung to excited freedom.  We kissed standing up as I slowly stroked his cock.  My fingers grazed in a sort of tickling motion directly above his penis.  Perfectly smooth again.  He asked me if I liked it, and I replied that "I loved it".



Owen knelt down so that his face was about even with my crotch.  He slowly slid my panties down to my ankles, and I kicked them away.  Referencing my pubic hair, I told him that I didn't know what he would like best, so I left it the same as last time.  He told me to do whatever I was most comfortable with.  But I asked him "What do you want?", and he replied ,"it's perfect babe".  He buried his nose into the hair and breathed in.  My excited pussy was already wetting my lips and surrounding areas.  He kissed where my thigh and body meet as his fingers explored.



We transitioned to the floor, and spread out two towels and a pair of pillows next to each other.  Owen was laying on his back, and I rested my head on his pelvis, looking at his penis.  I playfully stroked him for some time while he moaned with approval.  He played with my hair, and that always sends shivers down my spine.





He positioned me on my back, and he reached between my legs.  Slow circular motions were being made over my entire pussy, including my sensitive clit.  The intensity and rhythm increased, and then paused when he inserted a finger to explore inside.  The continued motions over my clit were enough to send me over the edge, and I tensed up and screamed with pleasure.





Now, I needed to satisfy Owen.  I remained in a kind of half-seated and half-laying position with him between my legs.  I reached up and stroked his cock from base to tip and back again.  He stopped me a few times so that he could rub his cock between my wet pussy lips and teasing my clit.  While he did this, I focused on his testicles.  I massaged each testicle individually, exploring it thoroughly.  I went back to stroking his cock, and could tell he was getting close.  I focused on the top third of his cock and picked up the pace.  He told me he was about to cum, and I pointed his cock right at my pussy.  He exploded.  Cum shot directly onto my pussy, soaking it as he moaned loudly.  The last few spurts landed in my pubic hair, where his cum found its way down to my skin and dribbled down along the sides of my pussy.  Owen collapsed on the towel and pillow next to me.  As he recovered, I rubbed my cum soaked pussy and pushed a little bit of it inside.  I was on birth control, but I was craving it badly nonetheless. 



We kissed and cuddled for a while before cleaning up, which was a lot easier with the towels.  After cleaning ourselves up, we reheated the rigatoni, and I think we were both able to enjoy it more now that we relieved that sexual pressure.



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