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First Nude Beach

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This is the story of an unexpected opportunity to visit a nude beach for the first time.


My work as a sales manager requires me to get in the field with sales reps and go on customer calls.  One of my reps covers a far-reaching part of Northern California near the Oregon border which is about a 4-hour drive from where I live.  During one of my trips up there, my rep texted me she had food poisoning and wouldn’t be able to work that day.  That meant I had a free day to myself while she recovered.  It was during the summer and the weather was very warm.  My first thought was to go check out some of the local white sandy beaches.  I went shopping for some sun screen and a beach towel and while at the store asked the cashier which beach to go to.  She said the prettiest beach was one about 15 mins north.  She also mentioned it was clothing optional at the far end if I was inclined.  It very much piqued my interest as I had always wanted to go to a nude beach but never had.

I made the quick trip up the coast and pulled into the small parking lot.  There were several cars there which made my pulse quicken as it meant I wouldn’t be alone.  After a short walk down, some steps I arrived at a gorgeous white sandy beach with beautiful blue ocean water.  There were people scattered about, clothed, enjoying the beautiful weather.  After a good walk towards the far end of the beach I started noticing people with less and less clothing.   My stomach started to tingle knowing I was going to be naked in front of many people for the first time.  I found a good area not too close to others and laid down my towel and sat down.  I noticed a naked man about 20 feet away with no tan lines and a good-sized cock.  There was a twenty something couple a little further away from the water who were sitting up and taking in the scene.  She had good sized breasts and a shaved pussy.  He was rubbing sunscreen onto her back and was somewhat aroused by doing so.  There was a somewhat older lady by herself laying face down on her towel.  She was about my age with no tan lines and was in good shape as far as I could tell. 

After a few minutes I finally mustered up the courage to get undressed.  I took off my shirt first and then with a big breath removed my shorts.  I didn’t wear any underwear as I had been anticipating being nude.  It was really no big deal but very exhilarating.  The sun felt good on my shoulders and especially my shaved cock and balls.  After a few minutes I knew I had to apply sunscreen, or I would start to burn.  Now the tricky part.  How to apply sunscreen in public to parts that never see the sun?  I started with my shoulders and chest and then my legs.  I glanced over the older woman and noticed she was checking me out.  Now the moment of truth.  I squirted some cream on my hand and applied it to my balls and finally my cock working it in until there was not more white.  As I did my cock started to get aroused.  Not fully erect but engorged to half-mast.  The woman noticed and continued to watch.  I then laid on my back to enjoy the sun.  After a while I sat up and noticed the couple had gone down to the water.  It was very warm, so I decided to walk down to the water to cool off.  Once down there I exchanged pleasantries with the young couple.  She was even more cute up close with erect nipples and a gorgeous butt.  They said they were traveling up the coast on vacation and heard about this beach.  As I was talking with them, I saw her caressing his back and butt.  He started to get erect and apologized saying this was his first time at a nude beach and said they were super horny.  I said not to worry and complimented him on his nice-looking circumcised cock.  She said she couldn’t help herself and that it looked like I was enjoying watching them and nodded at my rapidly hardening penis.  He told her to stop because they could get in trouble.  I then went for a swim while they headed for their towels. 

As I walked back to my towel after my swim, I noticed the couple had resumed their playing as she was applying sunscreen, somewhat discreetly, to his hard on.  I got to my towel and continued to watch as she stroked him for several minutes.  I could tell he was really enjoying it.  He started to arch his back and told her he was going to cum.  He then shot several ropes onto his chest and her arm as his orgasm shot through him.  She then rubbed his cum into his chest.  They both looked at me and smiled.  That’s when I realized I had a raging hardon from watching them. 

I sat down on my towel to dry off.  I was extremely horny and rubbed my penis a few times.  Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye the woman who was there by herself was watching me.  She proceeded to get up and walk towards me.  She looked down at me and asked if I was enjoying the beach.  I was sitting there with an extremely erect cock; how could I not be enjoying myself.  She introduced herself as Sarah (not her real name) and asked if she could sit down.  Of course I said yes!  She said she was a local and had been coming her for years.  That explained the no tan lines.  She said it was a very liberal nude beach and often times there is some sexual play, but no one complains as long as it was done somewhat discreetly.  I noticed she was quite attractive.  She was in her late forties in really good shape with nice round boobs and a gorgeous looking pussy with a landing strip of hair on top. 

As she sat down, she asked if I enjoyed watching the couple.  I asked her, “Isn’t it obvious?” as I looked down at my fully engorged penis.  She laughed and said, “yes I can see you did!”.  We talked for a while when I reached for the sun screen and started applying it.  When I got to my private area I stopped and looked at her sheepishly.  “Don’t stop on my account”, she said.  So, with a big breath I started rubbing sunscreen onto my cock and balls.  Here I was massaging myself with a gorgeous woman watching me.  She said I looked like I was enjoying myself and began massaging her boobs as she worked her hand down to her pussy.  I glanced over at the couple who was watching intently.  He was now returning the favor to his girlfriend by working 2 fingers in and out of her pussy and rubbing her clit with the other hand as they watched.  Sarah then asked if it felt good.  I told her it was ecstasy and that I was getting close.  She started rubbing herself with more vigor.  After a few minutes of us openly masturbating ourselves in front of each other, she told me cum.  That was it.  I erupted, shooting the first shot up on my face and chest.  The second one was just as powerful as I hit my chest and finally shot the last two all over her hand.  Seeing me, she moaned loudly and said she was cumming.  Her body convulsed and was breathing very heavily as her orgasm washed over her.  We heard a groan and looked over at the couple as the girl was obviously cumming after seeing our orgasms.  She was shaking as he continued to rub her pussy.  I told Sarah that was one of the hottest things I have ever done and thanked her.  She said it was her pleasure.  It was getting late and time to go.  As I said my goodbyes to Sarah, she asked if I was coming back to the beach tomorrow.  I told her I had to work, but maybe I could make it.  She said she would be here and that we could have some more fun. 

Looks like I might be coming down with some food poisoning tomorrow.



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