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Mom Sure Knew

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Over the years, mom and I had these 'birds and bees' talks. She sure knew what she was talking about!


I don't remember my exact age, but probably at around 11 or 12, mom started having these talks with me about the 'birds and bees'. I always enjoyed them and I eventually got into them with my own questions.

We eventually got into really covering boys and their 'equipment'. Somewhere along the line, this got to be my favorite subject probably in my mid teens. Mom didn't hold back. It was from her that I learned about how there penises would swell and get rigid when they were sexually aroused and mom even told me how big they'd get. At the time, I remember being amazed at this. She went on telling me about how they masturbated and about their semen and ejaculation. She even did a good job of telling me what the semen looked and felt like and how it would squirt out of the penises in spurts.

When I was around 16 or so, mom told me about giving boys hand jobs. She knew it would be coming and she went to telling me what got boys aroused the most. She talked about breast, female butts and legs and how boys get turned on to these and above all, that 'thing between my legs'. Soon after, she covered mutual masturbation as part of her knowing the 'urge to merge' was getting strong in me and wanting me to reframe from this with all its ramifications (pregnancy and STD).

So, as I got well up in my teens and started having relationships with boys, I was well versed and educated on what to expect and I knew full well what my body did to boys. And, just as mom had told me, I soon had a boyfriend cupping my tits with his hand. Mom had told me how good this would feel to me and how to handle it.

Soon after this, I had my first boy kissing and sucking on my tits. It was then that I got to feel and see my first erect penis and thanks to mom, I knew exactly what to do with it. And, just as mom said, I soon got to see my first ejaculation and it went just as mom said. And, the 'cum' looked and felt just as mom said it would. It was then too that I experienced a boy's hand up under my skirt for the first time. And just as mom had said, he felt his way up my leg to my pussy. And did his hand and fingers ever feel good there! I had my first mutual with him.

And, just as mom had told me, the 'urge to merge' was definitely there and strong. I wanted him in me so bad. But, I knew better. Mom had even told me to not let a boy's cum get anywhere near my pussy and I didn't. The closest it ever got was on my thighs.

This was long ago and sure help me make it through those very exciting times. As a result, the only penis to ever enter me and make a 'deposit' in me was my husband's. And even at 45, he also still very much so enjoys a good hand job quite often while he enjoys my body with his kisses and hands.



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