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Our Own Golden Arches

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She's tall and willowy for a Thai, small in the breast but carries a nice ass atop great legs. A real nut case, this girl, always ready for a laugh.

We're sitting in my room, her watching TV; me surfing the web. Suddenly she gets off the bed, says in Thai "Buat yeeow!" and starts stripping down. I know it's time for me to grab my trusty camera and head out onto the balcony of my 14th-floor condo here in Pattaya.

Buck naked in broad daylight, she pulls two chairs close together and squats on the closer arms of the two chairs. I ready my camera as her fingers slide down her tummy and make a "V", opening her labia. I can see her cunt and peehole, and her asshole bulges downward. A shimmering arc of pee flies from her pussy. I snap a pic, and when she sees the flash she stops the flow.

"Wait! I change!" she says. Climbing off the chairs, she lays on the table. Propped up on her left elbow, she spreads her legs and opens her pussy again. I again see her asshole push out. Another arc of glistening golden piss sprays from her peehole, which pushes out slightly from the pressure of the stream. The piss splatters and runs down the sliding glass door. Another flash catches the squirming arc, and she stops again.

"OK, I finish now" she smiles. I switch my camera to MPG mode as she sits flat on the table and opens her cunt again. I fire the camera, and the piss stream starts again, this time splattering my legs and feet. She pisses for a long time, and I can see the stream sliding up her cunt lips and over the bud of her big, meaty clit. The stream slows to a dribble, then stops. She smiles, gives her clit a pinch between her long fingers, and heads off to the bathroom. I go over to my laptop and unload my new treasures.

They look great. The pic on the chairs shows an open and slightly distended peehole spraying a turbulent stream of piss, and the one on the table is a beautiful shot of her genitals, asshole slightly agape, with the arc of piss again emerging from her sweet peehole with enough force to push it out slightly. I love the splatter of it hitting the window, and her cute little asshole glistens pink in the sun. The MPG is superb, a long piss arc disappearing entirely out of the frame as she smiles and laughs.

She comes out of the bathroom, and gives the balcony a quick wash-down. It rains frequently here in Thailand in the summertime, and we can take all the pics we want without my balcony smelling like a subway station urinal.

She comes over to the sofa. "I want to see!" I show her the new stuff, and she's delighted as I am. She gets up and goes over to the bedstand. Grabbing a tube of lube, she comes back over to the sofa, smiles seductively, and says, "I want to see video again". I put the player on repeat, and she takes my hardon in her gel-coated fist.

We watch the video over and over, my cock getting harder with every look at that golden rainbow of piss shooting out of her lovely pussy, asshole distending then slamming shut when she's done. I can see her smiling with devilish delight as she looks from the video to my face, then down at my hard dick as she expertly works me over.

I begin to feel that lovely feeling, so I turn the camera around, still in MPG mode, and fire it again. She knows this is the hint, so she goes into the motion she knows will finish me. She knows the exact pace and position to obtain the maximum pleasure for me. It soon takes its toll.

I grunt and arch my back slightly, and she gets ready for what's next. She lowers her head to the left, nearly onto my stomach, until her face is about an inch from the tip of my dick. She never stops jerking. I look over at the screen, and again see that beautiful pussy spraying piss all over me, and I lose consciousness, the pulses of pleasure sending thick blasts of semen over her face, into her hair, and even into her ear as she milks the barrage from my dick.

Slowly regaining consciousness, I stop the cam and unload it again. The video shows her pumping my cock, and the look of anticipation she has when she knows I'm close is very sexy. There is a long snake of pre-cum running down her hand when the semen blasts commence. She doesn't flinch, and takes repeated jets of cum on her face, mouth, neck and hair. Spectacular. Another one for the collection.



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