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Weekend at T's

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On Friday, I was invited by my co-worker, T, to come over to her house to try out her new outside hot tub.

T and I have known each other for a few years and while I have always hit on her, it never went any further. T is 33 years old. She is about 5' 7' and weighs about 185 lbs. She has a big chest and a big ass to go with it. What has attracted me to her is her personality and smile. Now just so you know, I weigh about 270 and stand 5'9' and am going bald.

I arrived at 2:00 pm with a bottle of wine and a gym bag. We gave each other a peck on the cheek and T told me to use a bedroom to change. T's house has three bedrooms, three baths, a fully finished basement and a very, very secluded yard with ten foot fences. She is up against some woods and because of deer and geese, the town approved her high fence since she is on the end of a street with no neighbors.

I stripped down and put on my bathing suit and walked outside. T has not only a hot tub but also, a pool. She showed me around and then we got into the hot tub. We talked and had some wine and pretty soon we had finished the bottle. We both felt pretty good and T asked me why I always flirted with her but never asked her out. I was stumped and told her I didn't think she wanted to go with me and she always sounded busy every weekend. T smiled and informed me she was home alone most weekends and only occasional went out. We talked a little more and T asked if I wanted more wine. I said yes and she told me where in the house she had a few bottles. I climbed out of the hot tub and wrapped a towel around me. I found a few bottles and picked out a nice white one.

When I climed into the hot tub, T was leaning forward and had a big smile on her face. I asked her what was the smile for and she leaned back and her breasts popped out of the water. I became hard quickly and kept on staring at them. They were probably 44 DDs and they were big. Her nipples were hard and poked out about 1/2 an inch.

I moved closer and touched one, then the other, and started to suck her nipple. T moaned and told me to suck the other one. I sucked each one for a minute and then went to the other. T then pushed me away and stood up. She was completely naked and I saw she was shaved. I was in shock. I looked at T and she told me to stand. When I did she saw my swimsuit sticking out. I slipped the trunks off and she saw my dick. I am not big, maybe 5 1/2 inches. She smiled and started to play with it. In about a minute, I creamed her fingers with my semen. T laughed and licked them off.

We climbed out of the hot tub and jumped into the pool. We started to kiss and T wrapped her legs around me. She told me it was hot seeing me cum like that and she asked if we could do more. I nodded and told her we would. We fooled around a little more and then climbed out of the pool. We went over to her lounge chairs and I noticed one was much bigger than the others. She told me it was a double lounge chair a friend had and gave to her. The only one who used it, were her friends and their boyfriends. T then went over and put down our blankets and sat on it. She looked at me and smiled that now she could too.

T sat in the center of the chair and opened her naked legs so I could get a good look at her pussy. She asked what I wanted to do and I climbed between her legs and told her I was hungry. When my tongue touched her pussy, she was already wet. I just did what I usually do and in about two minutes, T had an orgasm. When I looked up at her, she had her eyes closed and was smiling. We fooled around for about five minutes before I told T I was going to cum. T told me to cum on her stomach. I finished myself off and came all over her stomach. T rubbed it in and I fell next to her. She kissed me and asked if I wanted to go inside.

We went to her room and climbed into her king size bed and fell asleep. I can't wait for this next weekend to get here.



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