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She Wanted To Watch and Be Watched

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This is the first of four meetings with this incredible lady. I have already submitted the story of the fourth meeting. More to come if you want.


This is about the first in a series of four meetings I had with a gorgeous woman who loved to do just what I loved to do, masturbate while watching and being watched. The names have been changed but everything is true.

I had met someone on line, Tim. He and I met up once at his house, watched some porn and jacked off. He said his wife loved to watch him cum and the thought of watching both of us made her hot.

He had me email her, Amy, and a dialogue started. Then Amy and I had a couple of phone conversations. They were sedate at first but we started talking about getting off and needless to say we both ended up all worked up.

We set up a Friday meeting at their place, but as it turned out Tim was unable to get back into town in time. Tim had taken a job out of town and came home on weekends. So they came up with the idea of me still going over to their house but he would listen in on his cell phone as he drove home. We said that we would watch only. No touching of each other.

When I arrived I was very pleased by the woman who met me at the door. Amy looked great! She got me a glass of water and we sat on two different sofas (adjacent to each other) in their den.

We talked a little bit. I was very nervous as it had been years since I undressed in front of a strange woman. I assumed she was nervous as well. Finally we decided to put the XXX video she had in the player. She dialled her husband on the speaker phone and the movie started.

Amy was giving a 'play-by-play' of what was going on in the movie for Tim to enjoy. After a couple of minutes of watching some hot scenes I asked if it would be okay to get more comfortable. Amy said, 'sure.'

I took off my shirt, shoes, and socks. Then as I watched I started to rub myself though my jeans a bit. After another minute I stood up and undid my jeans and pulled them down. I sat back down and Amy proceeded to take off her shirt. Wow! She was built and looked great in her bra and jeans.

I was rubbing myself on top of my boxers and she reached behind her and undid her bra. She was truly amazing. I slid my hands into my shorts and started rubbing myself. I let my hand pull the waist band out and I'm sure she could see the top of my cock as I played with myself.

Finally I couldn't take it any more and I just stood up and pulled my boxers off. She made a positive comment which made me feel good and put me at ease. I sat back down looked at her and started stroking my cock.

Amy then stood up and took off her jeans and thong. She sat back down and started to run her hands between her legs. I never saw another bit of that movie. We just watched each other as we both enjoyed ourselves.

Meanwhile Tim was in his car listening to Amy tell him everything we were doing from me undressing to her undressing to us stroking ourselves. Tim had his pants open and he was stroking his cock as he drove.

Amy then pulled out a dildo and some lube. I was already going nuts just looking at her incredible body and having her watch me stroke my cock. It was so hot being naked with her and not touching or being touched by each other.

Well Amy slid that toy in and really started working herself. I was only a couple of feet away looking straight between her legs as that dildo slid in and out of her beautiful pussy.

Amy worked herself up and came. It was great. I was almost ready to cum and asked her where she wanted me to come thinking she would offer me a towel or, as I hoped, would say something like, 'I want to watch you cum all over yourself.'

Well, she didn't say that. She took one hand and placed it on her chest and said, 'Here, I want you to cum on my chest.' Well, I went nuts!

Amy laid a towel on the floor and laid on her back. I got next to her on my knees and pointed my cock toward her boobs. The tip of my cock was less than an inch above her nipple as I stroked like crazy. She looked great and having her watch me was more than I could handle. I soon started to cum. I came so much it was amazing. It was all over her chest.

Afterwards we wiped up and sat there for a bit to calm down. We stayed naked for a bit and it was great.

Amy and Tim moved out of town after a couple of months and I have since lost their email address. If they read this and email me I'd love to contact them. If you want to hear about the next three get-togethers I had with Amy let me know. They were even hotter as we got more comfortable with each other.



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