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Nude Beach Fun

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Another story from a client.


I didn't really know much about sex until recently. I guess you could say I'm a late bloomer. Maybe because I had been so focused on college. Now that I've got my Ph.D. and am a real computer programmer, things have slowed down a bit. I can poke my head up and start noticing the real world.

So, when Sanford invited me to the nude beach, I thought, "Sure, sounds like a good fun new experience for me." Then I thought, "What the fuck did I just agree to?" Of course I had never been to a nude beach. The thought of it intrigued me. In fact, I felt an instant small stirring in my pants. But it also scared the bejeepers out of me.

So, I tried to talk my way out of it, but Sanford wouldn't have it. He politely, but insistently said I was going to the beach, it would be good for me to get out of my shell, as he called it, and that was that.

Friday evening, I couldn't even get to sleep. Part of me hoped Saturday would dawn cold and rainy.

No such luck. 11am rolled around, and there was Sanford in his 1967 red Mustang convertible, and there was no turning back. I actually tried. "Sanford, you know I can't go. That's just not my style."

He insisted.

"But what if I get an erection?"


"I mean..."

"Freddy, it really doesn't matter. Go ahead and get an erection, No one's going to care."

Well, Sanford got his way. He always does. I believe I was actually shaking a little bit during the half-hour drive. I was so scared I felt feverish. "Oh, why the fuck had I agreed?"

He parked. We grabbed our backpacks and walked down the trail. It was steeper than I would have thought. "Doesn't any one slip and fall down the cliff?"

"Fred, you're such a worry-wort!"

About half-way down, I saw naked people. At that distance, I couldn't make out any details, but suddenly, my fear changed into something else. I was suddenly horny. I still had fear, but I also had a sort of "I can do this." attitude.

So we arrived at the bottom. San and I walked over to some rocks, and he immediately started taking off all his clothes. I'd never seen him naked before, and was surprised by a couple of things. One, he shaved his genital area. That caused me to think he might be quite a 'player.' Well, I guess that would be consistent with who he is. Sanford is a very outgoing guy, and frequently has various girls on his arm. The other thing that surprised me was that his dick was smaller than mine. I thought it would be the other way around.

I didn't have much time to think about it. He seemed to be expecting me to strip also. And, nearly everyone on the beach, even though the closest person was probably 50 yards away, was naked. There were probably around 25 people there, and only two wore clothing, two girls in bikinis.

So, did I have any choice? Not really! Reluctantly, and yet somehow excitedly too, I took off my T-shirt, my shorts, then my underpants. That wasn't as difficult as I had expected. The first sensation I noticed was the cool breeze. I had never felt that before. Even though it was a hot day, I felt a minor, cool air current running along my ass, over my thighs, and especially on my balls. It gave the word "cool" an all new meaning for me.

Following San's lead, I stuffed my clothes in my pack, and we started walking south. In no time, we were among the nudies. The erection problem I had feared was not happening. I felt like I had been over-fearful. I could indeed walk along a nude beach, with all these beautiful girls, and some good-looking men, too, and not get wood.

Sanford, being who he is, nodded and had a few words for most of the people we passed. I was like, "Oh, hello," when I had to, kind of holding back, which is I suppose my usual way.

San got right in with a man and woman about our age who had a Frisbee. The four of us started throwing it around. At one point a collie stole it. The owner chased his dog down, and got our Frisbee back. We laughed.

A while later, we sat in the shade of the cliff with that couple and started idly talking about stuff. Well, mostly it was Sanford talking. I was like, "Right," "Um hum," and like that, until the guy asked me what I did. I told him about how I recently started working in the real world as a coder, and he was like, "Really? Me too."

Pretty soon, the guy, James, and I were talking up a storm. He and I got up and started naturally walking farther south, leaving San and the guy's girlfriend on their towels.

This whole nude beach thing was starting to normalize for me. I was pretty sure I'd be back next weekend, and maybe every weekend for the rest of the summer.

James said "Hi" to a girl who he evidently knew, then introduced her to me as "Cheryl." She was so tanned, I didn't know if she was white, or maybe Latino or even black, but she had blue eyes, so I figured she was just a regular on the nude beach, being super-well-tanned. She had the sweetest smile. I noticed that first. But it didn't take me long to notice how perfect her smallish breasts were. And her shaved crotch area, with just a hint of pink inner labia sticking out. Oh, I had seen pictures of nude women a million times. I had jerked off to those pictures. But Cheryl was the real deal, and every bit as good looking as anyone I had seen on the Internet. And what an ass! Perfect shape!

It had been an hour since I had had any worries about an erection, and I had this nude beach thing pretty well down. Or so I thought. Then, Cheryl fucked me up! Oh, she didn't mean to. She saw some seaglass in the sand, and bent over to pick it up. I was standing right behind her, and had a clear view of her most amazing anus! It was more pinkish than most of the ones I had seen on the Internet, and had light radial lines leading about an inch away from the center.

I only glimpsed it for less than a second, as she retrieved her small prize, a piece of greenish, rounded glass. But I was done for. I felt an erectioin coming on. I tried to will it away. Instead, it got worse. Even though the water was cold, and my towel was a good five-minute walk away, I knew what I had to do. Before anyone could notice my condition, I started for the water, so I could get in at least waist deep and hide my 'condition.'

But no, it was too late. With a big smile on her face, Cheryl said, "Hey, did I do that?" as she stared directly at my now half-hard dick.

How does a guy answer that? I was absolutely at a loss for words. James was now looking at my penis as well, and smiling coyly. All I could do was turn red in the face, while realizing I had missed my chance to escape to the water.

"Come here," Cheryl said quietly. "We have a tradition for newbies on the beach."

I didn't really catch her words, and certainly didn't get the meaning. My brain was spinning a hundred miles an hour, but coming up with nothing cohesive. I was at once embarrassed, horny, and generally freaking out.

Without out consciously knowing what I was doing, I followed her to shady alcove-like area in the cliff, where we couldn't be clearly seen by passers-by. She beckoned me to lay down on the sand. She sat down next to me, while James sat on the other side.

Cheryl reached out, and gingerly touched my scrotum. Even as I watched her do it, I was not expecting that. Not in a million years! I jumped a good six inches, causing James and Cheryl to laugh. She touched me again, and I realized nothing in the world had ever felt so nice!

Well, to shorten the story, it wasn't long before Cheryl was expertly stroking my penis up and down, and to my horror and delight all at the same time, James was gently massaging my balls.

I'll bet you can guess what happened. Yup, I came right away, squirting all over Cheryl's hand, and James' hand as well.

At first, no one said anything. Both of them were smiling as if they had won the lottery. Finally, she said, "Better, big boy?"

"Oh my god!"

That's all I could say for a good several minutes. I said it like three times, "Oh my god!"

Soon, we walked back to San and some people he had been talking with. We went home way too soon. I really wanted to stay longer, but Sanford pointed out that my white skin wouldn't tolerate the sun well, even with my SPF40 sun lotion.

I've been back to the beach many times since. Most of the time, nothing sexual happens. That's fine with me. I often see Cheryl there, and James, and have come to the beach with Sanford, without Sanford, and occassionally run into him when I get there. I know about ten other people as well.

I noticed that the little alcove area gets a lot of use. You almost have to wait in line, if you want to 'fool around' with someone. Yes, I've done it. In fact, Cheryl and I once introduced a new guy to the tradition, in the same way I had been introduced. I even massaged the guy's balls the way James had done for me, something I wouldn't have imagined myself doing in a million years. Imagine, touching another guy's stuff, and liking it. Geez!

I haven't yet got up the courage, but I'm going to ask Cheryl out, like on a real, normal date - you know, the kind where people wear clothes.



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