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My Co-worker's Feet

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This started a couple of weeks ago

For the past few months I have been working at a monitoring station at a local hospital on the overnight shift. I'm there with a couple of other people, one of them a girl who is around my age. We became friendly with each other pretty quickly, exchanging phone numbers and taking our breaks together. One of the best parts that I have noticed about her though, is that since the weather started getting warmer about a month ago, she never wears socks. Not only that, but she always wears backless nursing clogs that she constantly slips her feet in and out of. I have always noticed feet for as long as I can remember, but they really started turning me on once I got into my teens. Anyway, I must say that hers are just about perfect - not too big, little toes with black nails and deep wrinkles when she scrunches them. Sometimes I have to wait to stand up because my scrub bottoms don't exactly hide my hard cock. For about a week I kept sneaking glances at them while she worked, and most days when I got home I would jerk off just thinking about her bare feet. One day though, I kept looking out of the corner of my eye like always, and towards the end of the shift she was messing around with her phone and mine started vibrating. It was a text from her and it said "do you like what you see?" I sent one back, asking "what do you mean?" "My feet! you like them don't you? I know you've been staring at them" By that time my heart was pounding and my hands were getting clammy. "I wasn't looking at them" "Ha! I've seen you looking at them plenty! Don't worry, I like it when guys look at them, I think guys with foot fetishes are cute" By that point it was almost time to leave, so the conversation died off. We clocked out and went our separate ways, and by the time I got home there was another text, but this time it had a picture. She had taken a shot of her bare feet resting on the dashboard of her car and she said "are you sure you don't like my feet?" I just said "well, maybe I do a little..." "I knew it! See you at work tomorrow, and have some fun with that!" I was as hard as I had ever been, so I stripped off my clothes right there in the living room and started jacking off, cumming in less than a minute all over myself. I cleaned up but I was still hard, so I jumped in the shower and started stroking again, cumming for the second time in about 10 minutes.

My day went on and before I left for work that night I masturbated one more time just to try to keep myself calmed down. When I got to work I was a little nervous about there being some tension between us, but I had no clue what was going to happen. When she walked in she was just as chipper as always, and she didn't seem any different at all. Then it happened...she kicked off those rubber black clogs and pulled a pair of flip flops out of her purse. She dropped them on the floor which made a loud *SLAP SLAP* and walked her toes into them. She glanced over and smirked, then crossed her legs and started flexing her toes, making it slap against her soft sole. My penis was rock hard almost instantly. After the other worker came in she had to tone it down, but she kept dangling them off of her toes the whole time she sat there. I don't think I was completely soft the whole time, and for a while I could feel a spot of precum on my boxers. It was hard to concentrate on my work, but right before our break time she sent me a text that just said "follow me". She then got up and told him we were going on break, and when I followed her she took me to an area that had been closed. There were a couple of lights on for security reasons but other than that, the area was deserted. She took me into one of the rooms, closed the blinds and door and turned on the light. "So, how did you like that picture?" "I liked it..a lot..." "Did you masturbate to it?" I didn't answer right away and she giggled. "Come on, I know you did, you can say it!" "Yeah...twice." "Ooooh! They must have made you really horny then!" She then sat down in the chair, kicked off one of her flops and started rubbing it on my crotch. "I think they're making you horny now, too..." My cock was hard again, and she grabbed the waist of my scrubs with her toes and started pulling on them, and I helped her and my dick sprang out. She then started rubbing her foot on my cock and said "my last boyfriend hated feet, sometimes when we had sex he actually wanted me to leave my socks on...but I know you wouldn't like that, now would you?" I just shook my head no. "Come on, start stroking that cock for me..." I grabbed onto it and started pumping, and she took her right foot and slid it under my shirt, squeezing my belly with her toes. The other she kept hovering right in front of my dick and she whispered "you like me working barefoot, don't you? Go on, cum on my foot. Do it. Shoot that cum between my little toes." That was all I needed to hear, and I coated her foot with my hot cum. "Oooh, I love it...it feels so warm on my foot..."

After I caught my breath I went to get her a paper towel to wipe it up, and after I cleaned it off she scooted down and pushed her pants down past her knees. She started rubbing her wet pussy lips and whispered "I need some help, suck my toes." She didn't have to tell me twice, and I grabbed her foot and started sucking and licking between her toes. "Oh that feels good, that feels so good." She leaned her head back and closed her eyes while she rubbed. I grabbed her other foot and started licking again, and this time I found a spot I didn't clean, but I didn't care. I licked my cum from under her pinky toe and kept right on going. She was getting close because she kept whispering "oh I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum..."When I ran my tongue slowly all the way up her sole it happened and she twisted around in the chair uncontrollably. She just sat there with her knees together breathing heavily for a while before she stretched out her legs, spread her toes and said "holy shit that felt so good, it's been a long time since I had a guy suck my toes." Just watching her cum made me hard again so I started stroking again while she watched. After a few minutes I told her I was going to cum again, and she grabbed her flip flop and said "cum on this, I want to watch you lick it up after." I wasn't quite sure about it but I was so horny I just went for it. I shot and my cum streaked across her footprint. I started licking it off and she said "give me the rest." I handed it to her and she licked the rest of it off. She then stood up with her pants around her ankles and kissed me, my cum still on our lips. She then said we should probably get back to work, pulled up her pants and made sure there were no traces of my cum anywhere. After I flushed the towel we walked out separately just in case we ran into someone on the way back. The night went on and she kept on dangling for the rest of the shift, and after I got home I couldn't keep my hands off myself. By the time I left for work that next evening, I had cum six times in the 24 hours prior. She was off that night and I was off the next, but the next time we were there she didn't even bother with the clogs, her flip flops were on her feet when she walked in the door and her toes were painted bright red. Pretty much the same thing happened that night as the first. I don't know where the friendship is going to go, but I would say its off to a pretty good start and I can't wait to see where it ends up.



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