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My Mom's Friend 3

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As I said in my previous experience, I had jacked off to my mom's friends nylons and panties while she, her husband, and my parents were upstairs. The cummy panties that I put at the bottom of her laundry must have been found, as well as the nylons I put back in her drawer, because when our family went to their house the next weekend, things got really hot.

Once again, my friend was staying at his dad's house, so I was left alone downstairs playing video games. Needless to say, I was fine with this. I couldn't wait to get into her drawer again.

I played games for a while downstairs before I did anything. In fact, before I went into the bedroom, I walked down the hall that ran the length of the downstairs, heading back to my friends room to get a new video game. First, I passed the stained glass window that looked into his parents master bathroom (the one I jacked in a week earlier), and then I walked past the laundry closet. And that's when I stopped dead in my tracks, on top of the pile of laundry was a pair of Robin's tan pantyhose and her panties.

The hose and panties weren't just tossed on top, they were laid out. I knew the adults were engrossed in their game upstairs, so I moved closer. I realized the panties were the ones I came in the week before. My cock got hard immediately. I picked them up and felt the crotch. It was stiff from my cum. I picked up the hose and smelt the crotch. It smelled like Robin's pussy. I grabbed both and headed back down the hall to the master bedroom. I was rock hard and ready to jack. I put the panties and hose on the counter in the master bath, then went to Robin's lingere drawer in the bedroom. I wanted even more of her silky things while I stroked. I unzipped my jeans as I opened the drawer, and that's when things got really hot.

I opened the drawer and laying on top of everything, full-length, was a pair of tan thigh highs. I lifted them and underneath was a note. I couldn't believe what it said: 'Make sure you have these on at 9:30 in my bathroom, Robin'. It was 8:45.

My head spun. I quickly went into the bathroom, undressed, and put the hose on. The lacy tops came up to my balls. I then put my jeans back on and went out and played games for a while. I had a huge hard on. At 9:25, I went into the bathroom and undressed. I closed the door, as I wasn't sure what was going to happen. At 9:30, I was stroking my cock on the toilet, wrapping the pantyhose I had left there earlier around my cock. A few minutes later I heard Robin on the stairs, yelling upstairs to the rest of the adults that she had to change out the laundry. I heard her enter the bedroom outside my door. She knocked on the bathroom door and asked if I was busy. Not knowing what to say, I simply said yes. She seemed to giggle and said, 'OK, just going to do some laundry.'

I started to panic a little as she walked away. My hand froze on my cock as she left the bedroom and began down the long hall towards the laundry. She went past the stained glass that separated the bathroom from the hall somewhat slowly. That's when I noticed the small chip in the corner of the glass. It was in the corner and waist high, and only half an inch, but I noticed it. She went back to the laundry closet for a while, and I started stroking again. I slid my hand up and down the nylon on my half-hard cock. The panic turned into sheer lust. I could feel my throbbing dick stretching the sheer fabric of her pantyhose.

I was really into it, and I reached over to the counter on my left to grab the panties I had left earlier. That's when I saw her peering through the chip in the glass. I froze. Then I heard her whisper, 'do it.'

I continued stroking my bulging penis. I sat on the toilet with her hose on and pantyhose on my cock. I started moaning, then she did the same. I stood up and faced the glass. She gasped. I started stroking harder. I was so fucking horny stroking for her. And I decided to really give her a show. I started stroking and rubbing the mushroom head of my cock. I started oozing pre-cum into the nylon. Then I pulled the nylon tight against my pelvis, I pulled the nylon tight on my dick. I fully stroked my drooling cock up and down. My dick suddenly grew in my hand.

I moaned that I was going to cum. What she said through the glass next blew me away. 'Blow your load for me'. I wasn't sure if she wanted me to dirty her nylons, so I grunted as I asked, 'In....the hose?' 'Fill them!' she hissed.

My cock jerked and filled the toe of her pantyhose. It started to ooze through and I heard her whimper and cum. I looked down and saw my huge load filling the toes of her pantyhose.

I pulled the hose from my cock and put it on the floor. She went back to the laundry room, and I went upstairs and joined the adults as they waited for Robin to finish the game. I mentioned I saw her starting some laundry, and she should be up soon.

When she came up, she had changed clothes. She mentioned to my mom she was feeling cold so she put on some hose. I looked down and saw they were the ones I had just come in. I hung out for a while, and when no one was looking, she slipped off her shoe as she sat beside me. Her foot was drenched in my jizz. I excused myself to go home.

The next time I saw her, my mom sent me down to Robin's place to borrow some flour. This time I got to see her in all her glory. But that's next time.



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