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Nude Beach

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I grew up in a nudist household and it was probably what caused my divorce. I love to go to nude beaches and enjoy looking at women and have women look at me. I am not large, just 6 inches when hard. The biggest thing is my balls. They are big and hang low. My ex wife was fine with this and loved when we had sex and my balls were hitting her ass. What happened was women at nude beaches would come up to me and comment about them. We do have a 12 year old son who does enjoy getting naked as much as me. This story is not about him.

I went one day to the nude beach at the jersey shore. I was their for a few hours and while coming out of the water I heard someone call my name. I looked around and saw Jill, the mother of my sons best friend. I walked over to her and we started to talk. Jill was looking at my face and then my privates many times. She asked what I was doing here and I told her I was a regular. I asked her the same and she told me she felt like doing something wild for a change. I asked why and Jill told me she just divorced her husband and needed to let out some steam. I was looking her over and told her she did a good job. Jill then got up and she had the body of a 20 year old. I even told her that. She came close to me and said I had a nice looking body and big ass balls. I smiled and kept on talking. Jill then asked how come I wasn't hard. I told her I have done this for most of my life and was able to control it. I then leaned in and told her when I get home I then jerk off a few times. Jill laughed and asked if she could watch that. I looked at her and said sure why not. Jill stopped laughing and said she was joking. I told her I wasn't and would love to be watched. I then walked away and went to pack up my things. Ten minutes later my cell phone rang and it was Jill. She told me she would meet me at my house.

Forty five minutes later I opened the door to my house and Jill walked in. She was a little nervous and I told her don't be. I then took off my robe and asked her where did she want to watch me. Jill didn't know what to say and said in my bedroom. We went up and I laid on the bed and took out some lotion. I then spread it in my hand and started to jerk off. I was watching Jill watch me and it turned me on more. I lathered up my balls and then started to move quicker on my penis and told her here it comes. I shot my first load straight up and you heard it splat on my stomach. Then I had 4 more nice ropes before it stopped. Jill mouth was opening and her hand was in her shorts and she was playing with herself. I asked her to get nude and we could enjoy ourselves. Jill looked at me and stripped and told me how turned on she was. I then watched as she masturbated to a nice orgasm.

After Jill was done with her orgasm I went and brought back a few towels and some juice. We cleaned up and talked and drank. It was then that Jill asked about my balls. I told her my father and grandfather had the same thing. I also said that I have been jerking off everyday since I was 12 to relieve myself. Jill asked what was the longest I went with out doing it. I smiled and told her 5 days during summer camp. I was so uncomfortable and needed relief so bad. I went to the shower and jerked off 5 times to make myself feel better. She smiled and asked if I ever tried to hit the ceiling. I laughed and showed her the pen marks on the ceiling. When Jill looked up their were 30 marks. Jill laughed and asked if I could do it now. I sat back and asked her to open her legs. I was looking at her pussy and tits and face and kept on edging until I could stand it and jerked off real fast and shot a rope that hit the ceiling. The second one just missed and then the others were close. Jill watched in amazement and told me that was incredible.

Jill got dressed and told me we would have to finish this another time and came over and felt my balls and some cum and said to keep my chin and dick up and left.



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