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Pregnant Wife Jerking With Mil Watching

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Jerked off in the most exciting situation ever.


Pregnancy was tough on my wife. She had all kinds of back pains and needed a lot of rest. She was pretty much prescribed bed rest for the last two months. I think all the hormones were affecting her thoughts as well. She certainly acted differently, not in a bad way.

I did all I could to help out and make things easy on her, but there's so much to do preparing for a baby. In her eighth month my wife Susie asked her mother to come to help for a few days. No problem with me, I always got along fine with my mother in law. She was the kind of person you could joke with and have a good time with.

Needless to say, my wife was not interested in sex in any way. Back then I was always very horny and so I ended up masturbating daily while my wife rested in bed. She was a good sport though and did give me a hand job every once in a while, just so we'd have that physical bond.

My wife was always worried about stretch marks, so she'd ask me to rub a lotion with vitamin E all over her belly, sides and breasts. Now her breasts used to be B cups but when she was pregnant in the eighth month they were D. They were huge. It was after applying the lotion that I'd excuse myself and jerk off.

One day while my mother in law was over I had just finished the lotion treatment on my wife and covered her back up in the bed and told her I'd let her rest. She said, I haven't given you a hand job in about a week. Why don't you sit down next to me and I'll give you a treat. Well, I was thrilled.

I took off my pants and underwear, hopped onto the bed next to her and handed her the lotion. I positioned my body so she had minimal effort reaching me. She poured some lotion on her hand and turned her body slightly so she could grab my rock hard penis. She started to jerk me off when suddenly the door opened. In my haste I forgot to lock it. There I was about five feet from my mother in law with my wife holding my hard on. My MIL came in sounding very excited saying 'Susie I just talked to your sister and she told me'...... She stopped, looked down at me and said, 'Oh, sorry, I'll come back'.

I tried squirming to cover up but my wife kept a tight grip on my penis and said, 'Relax, my mom's seen one of these before. What do you want Mom?' She kept slowing sliding her hand up and down me as my MIL told her about some stroller her sister found and was going to buy, what a great deal, amazing features, etc.

I'm amazed at this, looking between my wife stroking my penis and my MIL standing at the door talking to my wife about strollers. I lasted about 45 seconds when I started to come with a pretty big explosion. My wife giggled and my MIL kept talking but reached over to the nightstand and handed me a box of tissues. I was cleaning up the mess as my MIL turned to walk out when she said 'What a good wife you have Jimmy, I think you needed that'. Both of them laughed out loud while I sat there nodding.

It was amazing and what's also amazing, no one ever brought it up afterwards.



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