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Niece's Birthday Party

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I often jerk off remembering what happened at my niece Laura's birthday party a few years back. She had just turned sixteen and was having a barbeque/party at her parents house for mainly family members. I had been divorced from my ex-wife (my niece's mum's sister) for a couple of years, so felt a little out of place despite most people making me feel welcome.

Anyway, everybody was in the garden making the most of the May sunshine, where my niece and a couple of her friends were wearing bikinis with a sarong covering their lower halves. Well, my niece was obviously wearing last years bikini as her young and firm breasts were virtually spilling out of her top. Her other friends were good looking, but my niece was stunningly HOT. I went into the empty kitchen to refresh my drink when Laura came breezing through. 'Hi Uncle Denny' she said, 'Are you enjoying yourself?' 'Yes' I replied, 'But I may go soon as I don't know too many people here.' At which point she nestled up against me and said 'Please don't go, you were always my favourite Uncle.' At this point she did something which I would not have believed. She gently placed the flat of her hand on the front of my pants and slowly rubbed my cock up and down. This, combined with the fact that I could now see down her bikini top to those beautiful breasts, soon had my cock thickening. She was aware of this and began enjoying the teasing. 'Are you sure you want to go?' she asked. 'No, I'll stay for a while longer then,' I replied, at which point she joined her friends outside.

A short while later as the afternoon was drawing into evening, I was talking to Laura's dad (my ex-brother-in-law now) in the kitchen when she came in and asked her dad if he had refitted her drapes after re-decorating her bedroom during the previous week, as she needed to change into warmer clothing. 'Your uncle won't mind doing it while I see to our guests,' he replied. 'Follow me' said Laura, as she strode upstairs to her bedroom. I followed, and had the most fantastic view of my niece's butt, clad in that one-size-too-small bikini bottom. We went into her bedroom where she gently closed the door and got me a chair to stand on.

It didn't take long to rehang the drapes, however unknown to me she had begun to get changed behind me. I climbed off the chair to find my sixteen-year-old niece topless in front of me. Her breasts were a 36c with small but perky nipples. My cock instantly began to harden, as she looked at me looking at her. I sat on the chair not knowing what to do or say, as she released the sarong and stood in front of me, her bikini bottoms moulded around her pussy in an obvious cameltoe. She approached me and thrust her breasts towards my face, saying they were cold and needed warming up. Gathering all of my bravado I leant forward and slowly took one of her breasts in my hand and gently sucked on the nipple. 'Oh, that feels sooo good,' she said as her head fell back in pleasure. I licked and sucked softly, alternating between those glorious breasts as she sighed in ecstasy.

She was now standing between my open legs, as I slid my arm around her back to draw her closer to me. This continued for about five minutes, until I began to lightly stroke the inside of her thighs with my other hand. Slowly I worked my way up to her bikini clad pussy which by now was soaked. As I massaged her pussy it was if she had been jolted by electricity. 'Oh, I'm coming' she said, and began to shake as her orgasm broke. With my arm still supporting her back, I caressed my niece's pussy to orgasm. After a short pause in which she came to, she looked down and noticed I was licking her juice from my fingers. 'You taste good' I said. 'Naughty uncle' she replied, 'But what about that huge cock in your pants?' 'Turn round and bend over' I told her, which she did immediately. I stood up and released my heavy cock and slowly rubbed it up and down her butt. 'That feels nice' she said, as her bikini bottoms gave enough friction to send my cock quivering. 'You can cum over my ass if you want to' she said. I needed no further encouragement and began furiously jerking my cock whilst looking at her heavenly butt. Within no time at all I was releasing ropes of cum along her back, over her butt and down her legs. I felt absolutely spent, and a tad guilty too, as she was, after all, my niece. 'You had better zip up and go downstairs before my dad wonders where you are,' she said, 'I still need to get changed.' I zipped up and rejoined the party, where Laura came down a few minutes later, giving me that sly, but knowing look.



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