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An Unforgettable Car Journey

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It so happened that on a recent trip to my native place in India, my cousins parents and their driver had come to receive me. At the airport we met their friend and his wife who had also taken the same flight as me. Unfortunately their driver who was supposed to pick them up had messed up on understanding the flight timings and they were stranded. We offered them a ride in our car as they were my cousins neighbor.

Needless to say the car was jam packed with six adults and all our luggage. My uncle and his friend sat on the front row seat along with the driver. Me, my aunt and the lady sat on the back seat along with quite a few hand baggage which could not be placed in the boot.

Just as we started from the airport my cousin calls from her hostel saying that today they have no classes and she is planning to come home for the weekend especially since I am also visiting. Now I am 27 years old and my cousin is just 19 years old. We ask the driver to take a detour to the hostel which in a way is quite close to the airport. Now I am meeting my cousin after close to two years and the difference two years can make to a girls body is unimaginable. Now she walks in with her bag (which had a tons of clothes she wanted to get washed) and her laptop and some books. She peeps inside the car, throws the cute smile to her father and places the bag on his lap and says thank you. Then looks at me gives me the laptop bag and asks me to pass it along and then squeezes her butt into the back seat and finally places it right on my thighs. Then she says this is your punishment for not staying in touch regularly during the last two years. We all laugh about it and the driver starts the car.

As the vehicle starts moving I place the laptop bag between me and my aunt. We are now all chatting and about 10 minutes into the ride my cousin harmlessly shifts her butt and this time places it on my flaccid cock. I don't know whether she did it intentionally or accidentally but I was worried as I knew I will not be able to control myself. Within minutes my cock was rising from its slumber and I was sure my cousin will notice it. Surprisingly she did not seem to be bothered and to the contrary she was now riding my cock with the motion of car. With the amount of braking and potholes on the road ahead I knew I would be busted.

By now it was 45 minutes in to the ride and everybody seemed exhausted because of the early morning flight and were dozing off. The only person who was fresh was my cousin and she was making small talk with me. However for me my erect penis wedging against her butt crack was all I could think of. For some reason I could not help but caress her thighs over her skirt with my hands slowly. She looked into my eyes as if she was giving her approval and then looked straight ahead. After a few minutes she leans her body against me as if she wanted to also take a nap, I gently nudge her to sit straight as the driver might be able to witness it in the rear view mirror. She took my cue and re-positioned herself. I had managed to pull her skirt up and was now able to feel her thighs with my bare hands. It was having the desired effect now as she was squirming her ass on my cock which had wedged itself tightly in the butt crack. I could now no longer control myself and held her hips with both hands and made her move in urgency. I closed my eyes and shuddered as I came leaking in my pants. I could not help but look around only to see everyone asleep except my aunts friend. She had watched all this without giving us an inkling of doubt. I looked at her and she just winked at me relieving me of my tensions. My cousin was continuing with the constant back and forth motion and she too came with a whimper.

For the rest of the journey I closed my eyes and we playacted for about another 30 minutes. When we finally reached I saw the puddle in my pants and was scared someone would notice it. We first went to their friends home and I helped them with their luggage. As she opened the door, and we walked in, I told her thank you. She peeped outside to see her husband was still by the car talking to my uncle. She then told me to visit her tomorrow evening and placed my hands on her boobs telling me you missed squeezing these during the journey. I squeezed them with delight and placed a gentle peck on her cheeks and rushed back to the car. We all sat comfortably in the car and reached home within two minutes. I know it is going to be a great two weeks ahead with this cousin and the lady. I also realize that the relationship with this 35 year old lady will extend far beyond these two weeks as I will be meeting them in Dubai. I love crowded cars.



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